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May 7, 2009

The Show Notes

Wanna see something cool?
Special Facebook only stuff
Geo's Mom Reads Jay Z Lyrics

- Numb/Encore
Religious Moron of the Week
- Senegal Homophobes  from Jared Congiardo
- Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante  from Rob Hinkley
Colbert Report Report
Apologies for the show and a sneek peak
Show close


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the rugbyologist
over fifteen years ago

Geo, I think your commentary on the Colbert Report Report diluted out the real message, which is that one\\\'s underlying political ideology determines how one interprets Colbert, and by extension any message. That a liberal ideology leads to an interpretation consistent with Colbert\\\'s intent is an accident of the message observed in the study. It does not support an idea that conservatives are blinded by their ideology more than liberals. Instead, the message is that our perceptions are all influenced by our preconceived notions.

Derek Smith
over fifteen years ago

Brains, Body, BajingoBingo.

over fifteen years ago

First: On Geo\\\'s Mom Reads Jay Z Lyrics I\\\'m not familiar with the Jay Z song. Was that your music that was playing behind your mom? It sounded very Thrak Attack King Crimson like.

Second:Was somebody smoking in the background? I kept hearing what sounded like a lighter flicking and some deep inhaling. Tell the truth, was is Miss Information?

Loved the show by the way.



over fifteen years ago

Hey Geo... they\\\'re playing \\\"Skeptic\\\" on the This Week in Science podcast (May 5th episode)!!!!!!!!!!! I sent them a link to your periodic table podcast back when you put the whole thing into one cast... anyway, it is cool to hear some \\\"regular\\\" Geo on TWIS!


over fifteen years ago

As idiotic as the Senegalese situation is, I\\\'m happier with them digging up dead gay people than burying live ones...

Oh, and GH₵ stands for \\\"GHanaian Cedi\\\". The ₵ isn\\\'t a cent sign (¢), but is typographically distinct, being a capital C rather than lower case.

over fifteen years ago - good title!

over fifteen years ago

Midnight show, definitely. Although, I\\\'m feeling a little sane and will see it tomorrow afternoon post-work.

I remember opening day for Star Trek: First Contact. Wifepick and I left work mid-day to see the first showing. Sadly, I looked around the theater before the lights went down and all illusions of who was in my peer group were dashed on the rocks forever. :)

Now, at peace with my inner and outer geek, I can look back and laugh at my youthful facade.

ReCaptcha: newsy Saskatoon Is that a track off the new album?

BTW I think Trebuchet is a phenomenal name for the album. This could be the first album packaged with/as a working medieval weapon. Think that would be a challenge for Ms I????

over fifteen years ago

Hellooooo, if my spies are correct, Sydney got the Star Trek movie the day before the \'states WEEE... (doesn\'t mean Ive seen it, sorry... :(

recapt = Quigley vastness (good ablbum name;-)

Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum
over fifteen years ago

Here\\\'s a better link for the family photo on the Moon:

Have fun at Star Trek! I\\\'ll prolly wait for the Blue-Ray...

over fifteen years ago

OMG you mentioned my aluma mater!! I never thought I\\\'d hear the words \\\"THE Ohio State University\\\" from Geo\\\'s lips. Go Bucks! I hope you can give a concert here sometime in the ever changing future :)

Brian Mahony
over fifteen years ago

yes! please keep doing the What\\\'s it sound like videos!!!! they\\\'re fucking hilarious

i hate you george.......i can\\\'t for the life of me figure out what that formula is for.....can i get a hint??

hi carrie :P

over fifteen years ago

Bigger contextual shot of the moon polaroid. Sadly the links from Boing Boing are mostly dead...

over fifteen years ago

Of course it\\\'s geeky to go see Star Trek opening night. But you\\\'re a geek, and that is nothing to be ashamed of.