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Feb 14, 2007

Welcome to the first podcast, coming to you from Geologic Headquarters.
  This should turn out to be a weekly Wednesday experience. Enjoy! Subscribe! Consider yourself valentined!

Here's what happens:

Bodies: The Exhibition
Science Minute:
    -the value of Mu
Blue Man Group Audition
Interesting Fauna:
Grandma's Entertainment Report
    -Will Smith
    -Spider Man
    -Sundance Festival
The State
Religious Moron of the Week
    -Pastor Randy Wilson
The History Chunk
    -Innocent II, Henry VIII, Henry III
    -Spain, Jesse James, etc
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Neutrino in NJ
sixteen and a half years ago

Most tardigrades are phytophagous or bacteriophagous, but some are predatory (e.g. Milnesium tardigradum).

almost sixteen years ago

If\\\'n ya din\\\'t know, Colorado is FILLED with a GOD-Fearin\\\' peoples. It\\\'s no surprise that you\\\'d find a religious maroon in CO, \\\'specially along the Front Range...