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Feb 14, 2007

Welcome to the first podcast, coming to you from Geologic Headquarters.
  This should turn out to be a weekly Wednesday experience. Enjoy! Subscribe! Consider yourself valentined!

Here's what happens:

Bodies: The Exhibition
Science Minute:
    -the value of Mu
Blue Man Group Audition
Interesting Fauna:
Grandma's Entertainment Report
    -Will Smith
    -Spider Man
    -Sundance Festival
The State
Religious Moron of the Week
    -Pastor Randy Wilson
The History Chunk
    -Innocent II, Henry VIII, Henry III
    -Spain, Jesse James, etc
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Neutrino in NJ
almost sixteen years ago

Most tardigrades are phytophagous or bacteriophagous, but some are predatory (e.g. Milnesium tardigradum).

over fifteen years ago

If\\\'n ya din\\\'t know, Colorado is FILLED with a GOD-Fearin\\\' peoples. It\\\'s no surprise that you\\\'d find a religious maroon in CO, \\\'specially along the Front Range...