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A word from Geologic HQ

Jun 25, 2008

Hey Kids-

The Maestro has returned from TAM6, and quite jubilantly I might add. However, his schedule is taking him all over the map for a few days.

Because of this we're going one day later with the Geologic Podcast this week. Just thought you'd like to know there is nothing wrong with either your aggregator or calendar.

Ms. Information

almost fifteen years ago

reading glasses
cheap glasses

almost sixteen years ago

Dammit, I didn\'t get to go to TAM! But, my dad did have Geo sign his copy of [sic] and gave it to me.

Yeah. That\'s right.

I don\'t mind the delay as long as it\'\'s got Mortimer doing the temporal plug-in. of course, that\'s for our good friend Geo to decide, isn\'t it. Hmmm... T\'will be good methinks.

almost sixteen years ago

I don\\\'t know if that last word was a typo or a sight joke....