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Nov 19, 2009

Donation promo

Celebrate the JREF's Season of Reason by promoting critical thinking and fighting woo.

How can you do that?
1. Donate to the JREF.
2. Share, post and play the promo on your own show.

You can also find the mp3 at Geologic Records.


Ms. Information says, "The JREF's Bart Farkas rocks!"

almost fourteen years ago

You are not alone! I just googled \\\"Bart Farkas + A Christmas Story\\\" and I found you! We better get used to it now that he is the new President of the JREF.
Welcome our new JREF overlord! All hail the Farkas.
(Please don\\\'t send your pack of hounds to steal my Xmas turkey.)

over fourteen years ago

Apparently it is just me. Alas.