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Sep 9, 2010

The Show Notes


Hi, Everybody!
Best Costume Ever
You’re going to one-up Tom Servo & Crow?
The Christian Proselytizing Dudes
Rupert McClanahan’s Indestructible Bastards
     Top 8 Indestructible Bastards Special Execution Edition
     from Zachary Miner &
New Martin Guitar
     - "Everything Alive Will Die Someday"
     - "When I Was Your Age"
     - "Atlanta"
Phil’s Plait’s Message
Ask George Audience Cards
Phil calls in the middle of the show
Ask George continues...
Casey wins the shirt.
The Twitter Song featuring Scott Sigler & Richard Saunders
Thanks and Goodnight
Show close



Mentioned in the Show
and other information

Friday, September 10th
The Star Bar at Starfish Brasserie
9 to Midnight
[Chef Kristofor Sandholm on twitter]

Saturday, September 11th
Chicago meetup

8 pm
Galway Arms
2442 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657

Sunday, September 12th
Sunday in the Park with George
Noon - 3:00 pm
Millenium Park, Chicago
Meeting at the far south end of the lawn of the Pritzker pavillion.


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Ms. Information sez "I'll miss seeing all you Chicago skeptics. Have fun!"


almost fourteen years ago

Loved reliving this, yay Dragon Con! <3

Too bad the audience didn't come across louder, the bagpipes were absolutely EPIC live.

Brian "NoE" Mahony
almost fourteen years ago

this is the hardest i have ever laughed in a long least since the listening party ask george questions

thanks geo!


Fred Zleplin
almost fourteen years ago

Remember when I asked about the chord progressions in Kashmir?

I found another song that does it, the chorus of Break it down again by tears for fears.

Liked the song the few times I heard it, but forgot all about it till heard it in the car today, and was able to pick out "moses on a motorbike" and remember to google it later.

You should have a lyric writing contest for the twitter song too.

almost fourteen years ago

Chicago show was great. It was an honor to meet the Maestro and snag an autograph. And yes, the guitar sounds sweet!

Eduardo Kalinowski
almost fourteen years ago

When discussing with the christian dude who says he converted after his accident because god took care of him, didn't you bring the question of why god didn't take care of his friend that died? That might have been somewhat dickish, but it is something that annoys the hell out of me, when there is some tragedy the survivors say "god helped me", but why didn't god help all the others that died? It makes me wonder if they don't even realize the absurdity of such "god helped that person" claims.

Peter Sosna
almost fourteen years ago

If you Google "George Hrab wiki", the first page that comes up is Jamie Farr!

almost fourteen years ago

That was one hilarious show =D Thanks.