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Sep 23, 2010

The Show Notes

Review accuracy
Milton’s Thesis
Geo’s Mom reads Jay Z Lyrics
     - It’s Alright from Hard Knock Life Vol.2
Jason’s letter about God’s calls
Six voices and some reverb
Interesting Fauna
     - Acacian tree ants from Richard Lane
     - Caerostris darwini from Dan Adcock
See Inception in IMAX
New to the show? Check out the wiki!
Australian tour really in the works
Show close


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thirteen and a half years ago

Mr. H.,
I can't remember in which episodes you mentioned the movies "Paths of Glory", "Topsy Turvy" (I was in the chorus of a local community theatre producation of "The Mikado" about 22 yrs ago) and the Rush documentary but wanted to say thanks for recommending them. Each, in obviously very different ways, was most enjoyable.

thirteen and a half years ago

Loved the six voices bit. Hints of tuvan throat singing towards the end there. Magical

thirteen and a half years ago

Maybe I'm to blame, after that fancast where I renamed the songs? :(
Atlanta - 'Woy Woy'
Everything Alive Must Die Someday - 'Never Mind, You'll Cark It Soon Enough'
Fifty Stories - 'Five Stories (Including The Mezzanine)'
Where Have You Been? - 'Where The Fuck Did You Come From?'
and of course, Death From The Skies - 'Dr Phil Plait Reckons You're A Bunch Of Panic-Mongering Pussies!'
[Treh-Boo-Chet, available in Australia on special order via kangaroo post]

A Listener
thirteen and a half years ago

Vibes. Trying to tap into your vast musical knowledge again, two questions:

What do the lyrics to Break it down again by Tears for fears mean? I've tried wikipedia, google,, but the answer seems buried under thousands of irrelevant posts. Perhaps you know some secret message boards.

2: Why do people think Frank Zappa is a genius? When I was a teen I listened to Sheik Yerbouti and Joes Garage many times over, but never bought another. To me it always like giving some glockenspiels to kindergartners. It always sounded like music children would come up with.

Bob M.
thirteen and a half years ago

On the topic of Jason's letter; I'm not in favor of introducing young people to unreal people. This leads to magical thinking. Don't have any stats on hand, but I'll guess that most people believe in fairies and angels and yes there is harm in that belief. My wife and I disagree on this topic.

Andre G.
thirteen and a half years ago

Hey Geo,

didn’t the mythbusters prove that elephants in fact are afraid of mice??

My favorite song from Trebuchet is the aplty named "Pleasant Vainal Emergence Date, Infant".

thirteen and a half years ago

Allie goes through, at least, two huge Nutella jars a month.

BTW, if you like Nutella, my personal weakness (and the epitome of Hazelnut goodness IMHO) are the Ferrero Roche Hazelnut candies. Once I bought a huge box of them just to see if I would stop before they were gone.

In case you were wondering. I felt sated after 9.

thirteen and a half years ago

I'll say one thing in possible partial defense of the reviewer -- dyslexia can make it really easy to see one word as another ("remora" to "Ramona" and "hypnopompic" to "hypnotic") -- especially if you're used to the spell-checker catching your mistakes (the one in Firefox doesn't recognize "remora" or "hypnopompic").

That said, if you are dyslexic, you gotta learn to double- and triple-check these things. Speaking from experience -- I read all the way through The Dosadi Experiment thinking it was "Dorsali" because my brain tried to shoehorn the novel word into a known configuration.

David P.
thirteen and a half years ago

I really love your songs "Everything will Die Sometime" and "Death from the Stars". ;)

"Six voices" has a Bobby McFerrin meets Frippertronics feel.

Jason Smith
thirteen and a half years ago

I can't believe the reviewer didn't even mention my favorites:
"Nothing Dead Can Live"
"Life in Space"
"God is Awesome"
and, the ever popular:
"Merry New Year, Honey-Child"

*shakes head sadly*