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Oct 15, 2010

The Show Notes

The Princess and the Frog
I have no voice
Was I dreaming?
Ask George
     - Drinking? from Tyler Hender
     - Competing Skeptic group? from Jeff
     - Beatles appeal? from TK
     - Leftover Baptist? from Michael Cox
     - Talking with a believer? from Tyler in New Brunswick
     - Singers? from Mike Oliver
     - Comedy influence? from Jason Smith
Australian Dates are GO!
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thirteen and a half years ago

Mr. H.,

Ask George: Would you please say "Asian ball jointed dolls" in a future podcast?

Your sick voice did have a lovely depth to it, but it's something you can achieve when you're well, and knowing you were sick ruined the sexiness.

Take Care

No E Mahony
almost fourteen years ago


I was BORN the year The Little Mermaid came out....the year you graduated high school...and i was in GRADE SCHOOL when u graduated college



Matt Rogers
almost fourteen years ago

Goodies! I love that show.

almost fourteen years ago

Great Beatles question. Coincidentally I recently asked a friend who is a huge Beatles fan to help me understand the appeal. I think I never liked them mostly because I grew up on classic rock and at some point felt I had to reject my parents music. So he handed me the remasters boxed set and said start with Revolver. I totally get it now. That mix of familiar comfort and left-field oddity is there are I love it.

Is this the tuning thing you were talking about?

almost fourteen years ago

The Goonies were never in a flat; The Goodies certainly were - the only other alternative is The Young Ones (which was four guys). The Goodies have a massive 'cult following' in Australia - Bridget Mermikides has even played with Bill Oddie!

almost fourteen years ago

The Goon Show? Seminal British comedy that inspired Monty Python and lots of other things?

(Look at me! I can watch documentaries!)

almost fourteen years ago

it's the Goon Show

btw between the Black Cauldron and the Little Marmaid Disney released The Great Mouse detective and Oliver & Company. I find this movies quite interesting as it reflects a very complicated period for the Disney Studio.

there's a documentary about it

almost fourteen years ago

I bet it was The Goodies. Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie. Tim B-T has a strong Python connection: he wrote and performed with Cleese and Chapman on "At Last The 1948 Show", along with Marty Feldman. The "Four Yorkshiremen" sketch was originally from that show:

almost fourteen years ago

The Goodies?

almost fourteen years ago

The Goonies sounds familiar... it rings one of those bells in my head.

But British comedy of that era involving 3 guys in a flat sounds a lot like The Goodies.

almost fourteen years ago

Purely guessing The Goodies?

almost fourteen years ago

And oh hell YES about David Bowie doing that song. :)
Australian tour details were listed in the notes of the last ep, thanks to Catherine D. :)

almost fourteen years ago

Get well soon! :/
As for the 'why don't drink', I ended up writing a long answer after getting asked so often - and it still gets occasional reads online. But I think my reasons are slightly different to yours (a different cultural background for a start - pressure to drink in Australia is probably stronger):

David P.
almost fourteen years ago

meep! I road in that elevator. Sorry about the TX virus that you caught.

almost fourteen years ago

I really LIKE your "I'm sick" voice. I'm enchanted by its deepness.