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Dec 16, 2010

The Show Notes

What to talk about?
Thank You Thank You Thank You
JREF Season of Reason
Not Being a Dick
Mortimer Calls
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Rev. Cedric Miller from David Kaufman
Melbourne can sing!
Condolences to Slau
Upcoming Stories
Show close


Thanks To:

A Kovacs
SGU Clan: Steve, Jay, Bob, Evan, Rebecca and families
Richard Saunders
Dr. Rachie, Eran Segev, Joanne Benhamu and Marcos

Kylie Sturgess for naming the Styrofoam tour

Fred Bremmer

Brisbane- Dennis Bowden
Melbourne- Catherine Donaldson and Joel Birch; Young Aust Skeptics including Jack Scanlan and Richard and Belinda
Christchurch- Gold
Auckland- Nathan Grange
Adelaide- Elvin Lucic
Canberra- Andrew Gould and Myk Dowling

John Turnball and family for the ballooning
Russell Emmerson for the Adelaide article
Graeme Hill for Auckland radio interview


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Tony F
thirteen and a half years ago

Odd. This week's podcast is being blocked at work. I tried direct link to libsyn and iTunes. I've been downloading happily for over two years. SGU is also at libsyn, and I had no problem with their latest podcast.

Heather Van De Sande
thirteen and a half years ago

Geo! We missed you you inglorious bastard!

thirteen and a half years ago

If an Australian woman called a piece of woo "shit" within earshot of me I would have proposed on the spot. That's just too much awesome to give up.

Ben Johnson
thirteen and a half years ago

Mortimer! We missed you you cranky bastard!

thirteen and a half years ago

Man, great story about not being a dick! I'll try to remember it the next time I get a dickish inclination. Shouldn't be long.