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Feb 12, 2011

Photo courtesy of Andy Wilson

The Show Notes

Richard Donner’s Superman
from Non-Coloring Book
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     - Suburban Secrets
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NECSS April 8-10, 2011

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over thirteen years ago

Thanks, Carrie!

over thirteen years ago

Doesn't subvious step on the “When you see it, you’ll shit bricks” meme? Or possibly "Once you've seen it, you can't unsee it"?

thirteen and a half years ago

Where can we get a recording of the Dublin show? I need my Geo fix.

Jody Boese
thirteen and a half years ago

I was listening to show # 202 in my car and when I got home and turned on the tv Superman 1 was showing.
Minor quibbles: Jor-el is the father; Kal-el is superman.
Richard Donner was the original director of the first Superman movie. However, the Salkind Bros, "released" Donner and replaced him with Richard Lester (the director of the first two Beatles movies- and the Three Musketeers and Four Musketeers movies for the Salkinds). The portentous sequences were by Donner and the "humorous" segments were by Lester, including the mother's slap, which when i saw the movie again a few years ago, I had the same reaction you describe.
BTW, Chris Reeve was a good friend of mine.

Brian Walsh
thirteen and a half years ago

Hi George, vibraphone. I'm sure many people will point this out, as a huge M*A*S*H fan I couldn't pass it up. Gary Burghoff has all of his fingers, but has a minor deformity that makes the fingers on his left hand somewhat shorter than normal. Love the show!

thirteen and a half years ago

That's funny, since I was a kid i always thought that the earth spining backwards was a visual representation of Superman going back in time himself and not the whole world.

Trudy Bentley Rech
thirteen and a half years ago

Missed the live stream but UStream had it available and the show was very entertaining to watch. Thanks George.