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May 12, 2011

The Show Notes

The end of Small Comfort is correct
Loudest gig EVER
Surly Amy and TAM9 scholarships
Religious Moron of the Week

     - Der Zeitung Newspaper

     - Pastor Jim “Fake SEAL” Moats from Jim Fitzsimons and Erik Smith   
Mother’s Day Mno Hiya Lita
Ask George

     - Cultural Pride? from Tom Nowitzky
Interesting Fauna

     - Jumping Peacock Spider from John Vandermeulen
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May 19 - 21

Jumping Peacock Spider

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almost thirteen years ago

Your Uncle's Wife's Mother is not a named relation, and is not a blood relation.

almost thirteen years ago

I have often wondered about the fact that it appears that Americans identify as "x American" or example Africian American, Ukraninian American. Where as in Australia it would be "Australian x" Australian Pole or even more likely people would say "An Austalian of Polish decent". I wonder if that is any indication of the importance people put in thier history? I don't know maybe it is just a quirk of the language.

I can't believe that people didn't get the ending of "Small Comfort". It made it son much more poinent, I heard it and though "Ohh, he is gone" and had a little tear.

J. D. Mack
almost thirteen years ago


Just curious if you've read Sam Harris' new book "The Moral Landscape." I haven't, but I had a chance to hear Sam give a talk about this book. The gist of his central idea is that some cultures *are* superior to certain other cultures, and he lays out the criteria for making such a judgement.

almost thirteen years ago

Intellectually I get what you are saying about the dangers of national pride and where it can lead. Emotionally I find it hard to ignore the pride I feel for our national ice hockey team who won the world championship yesterday. I know the rest of the world doesn't give a shit, but for us it's a huge deal.

Cold Desert
almost thirteen years ago

Something was wrong when you announced the episode number. I think there was a flaw in the recording.

almost thirteen years ago

At first I thought that there was a mistake with small comfort but then one time I was only 1/2 listening to the song and I got it. It is a bit odd that small comfort is just before happy birthday baby. Just the way it dips with I love.... then jumps with HAPPY.

I'm near the dc area and hearing that you will be so close giving a show and that I will still not be able to attend is causing me spasms.

almost thirteen years ago

Yeah, I got it. It had exactly the desired effect on me. I was almost pissed, it was so blunt. To stick a gut-punch like that at the end of such a sweet sad song... But I can't imagine it any other way, really; that's how it goes, how I've always imagined it would be. And if anyone has the right to "go there," it's you. Nevermind that this is the the same album that has undeniably positive "Everything Alive Will Die Someday" and the undeniably funky "Death from the Skies."

We lost a good dog a few days ago. I couldn't share your song...too many don't know. But I sang it for her when I was alone.