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May 19, 2011

The Show Notes

Black socks at the gym
Tim's bit o' Geologic Trivia
Final score: Pirates 4, Transformers 3
Bill Cunningham New York
Rupert McClanahan’s Indestructible Bastards
     - Andrew Linn (sent in by Adam Lessek)
Danish Celebratory Songs from Søren
Schwarznegger's Discipline
See you in DC and Baltimore
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May 19 - 21

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Bill Cunningham New York

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almost thirteen years ago

Hey-just a side note on the history of the stirrups. You're actually almost 100% correct on why the stirrups were needed. Before 1940s, I think, the dye used in colors contained lead. Baseball players in the late 1800s were often identified as part of their team by the color of their socks-i.e Red Sox, White Sox, Brown Sox (renamed, but I don't remember what). Players started getting lead poisoning, but didn't want to get rid of the colors because of the identification issue as well as tradition. So players began wearing white socks under their colored socks (which made the feet too big for their cleats and some brilliant player decided to cut a hole in the colored socks...yeah). They're not needed anymore and less used.

...In case you care. But you probably don't...

Iason Ouabache
almost thirteen years ago

They're called baseball stirrups. Baseball players used to wear them with knickerbockers. I think the black athletic socks thing started in the NBA, but I'm not sure.

almost thirteen years ago

I wear black ankle socks to the gym (my shoes are black as well). It's a Johnny Cash type look. It works.

I would never wear regular size black socks with shorts. Actually, I don't wear any socks other than 'ankle length' socks with shorts these days. Any reason why shins need to be covered up?

over thirteen years ago

I always imagined Padre Bingo as having blond hair.