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Jul 21, 2011

Geo kicks off TAM9 in Vegas with an opening number.

Photo courtesy of Bruce Press Photography.


The Show Notes

Knowing looks
TAM9 prep
TAM9 opening number
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Frank DeTucci  from Steve Payne
     - Andrés García Torres  from EvilEye
Kung Fu Guy #2
The History Chunk
     - for July 20th
The George Hrapp
Skeptical Robot swag
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

A video portion of Geo's TAM9 opening number

The George HrApp

Skeptical Robot


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Ms. Information sez, "Thanks to the fabulous Gerry Orkin for the HrApp! And holla to all the wonderful people who made TAM9 such a smashing success!"

almost thirteen years ago

So when I click on the link for the video portion of Geo's video portion of his TAM 9 intro I get this: "You must log in to see this page."

Bummer. I have absolutely no intention of creating any kind of Facebook page.

A.E. Coleman
almost thirteen years ago

I'm so sad that I didn't get to go to TAM this year, but it sounded like a fantastic time. I really enjoyed the song and puppet show. :-)

I have to admit that this week's Religious Moron now lives on among my friends. When you were covering Father "Measure My Anus" Torres and explained that's how you identify gay men, that they all sound like shampooing a rug when they walk, I just about fell out of my chair laughing. I shared this clip with my friends, and now it's a running joke with us. We've decided that this is why they keep the music so loud at the club we frequent, to mask the sound of all our fluttering sphincters. ;-) Great episode, as always.

almost thirteen years ago

Huh? "on the move"? what a cliffhanger :-)

almost thirteen years ago

It was fantastic to finally meet you and Ms. Info at TAM. It was your insistence on the podcast that people come up and say hi that helped me to push past my natural shyness and whoop it up with my skeptical heroes. Great job and my eternal thanks. Next year for sure!

almost thirteen years ago

I agree with the previous commenter - your TAM intro really was priceless. Brilliant! I really mean that.

almost thirteen years ago

I haven't finished the podcast yet (I'm at the Religious Moron's anus) but I just had to write and say your opening to TAM9 is worth the price of TAM. It was just on the spot wonderful!