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Nov 3, 2011

Sketchcard by Gary Kezele

Sketchcard by Gary Kezele

The Show Notes

Thanks for the sketchcard, Gary!
21812 hotels & tickets
Everything bad is good for you
77 Reasons to Support Man/Woman Marriage. Rebuked.
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Ms. Information sez "Thanks so much, Gary Kezele!"

ten and a half years ago

That list at the end was painful, especially since those "77" points were both retarded, religiously motivated (just with the religion carefully washed from direct view, though smudges still stick out in places), and actually just one single point of "will somebody PLEASE think of teh childrenz" repeated over and over. Good reply, it's really too bad it won't get to the people it should get to. A thing I noted though... Setting aside the quality of the arguments, the list simply didn't contain what it said it did. It was supposed to be "arguments for support of man-woman marriage", yet there were none of those, just "arguments" against homosexual marriage. It was very... creationist in its approach, especially since the method of delivery makes Gish gallop come to mind.

Whee for lateness to the party.

over twelve years ago

As one of your gay listeners, I was pleased to hear your rebuke-a-thon. Sometimes, we gays forget that there are a lot of straight people who are on our side on this issue. Thanks for being an ally and dedicating an entire episode to rebuking such nonsense.

over twelve years ago

Excellent 'rebuked-i-sode'. Just saying.

over twelve years ago

Flipping the script by replacing 'homosexual marriage' with 'inter-racial marriage' was spot on. Bigotry is bigotry.

Andy Brakas
over twelve years ago

I listened to the podcast Saturday morning. Amazing that someone could find 77 fallacious arguments for what seems to me a non-issue. I later picked up the Saturday "Globe and Mail" (one of Canada's national newspapers) and low and behold, on the front page of the Focus section, a feature article titled: "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Lesbian Families". Anecdotal to be sure, but proof perhaps that gay parents aren't some kind of pathology and blight on society and a danger to children as suggested.

The article can be found here:

I hope this is available in the US. Should be. If not, I can upload the text somewhere.

I am always a bit baffled by the vehemency of the anti-gay faction in America. We are not perfect up here by any means. Recently a gay high school student in Ottawa, who was said to be an artistic, creative, talented, loving and loved beautiful human being, committed suicide because he was being bullied by a small faction of morons. But I can tell you that a vast majority of Canadians were horrified, disgusted and ashamed that this could happen. Would that we could have prevented this tragedy.

We need to be diligent defending the rights of all our citizens and stand up for them and expose and decry the bigotry of those who would deny them.

over twelve years ago

I've got to admit, Geo, I probably would've stopped reading that article around about reason number five or so... There are no reasons among the 77 that I haven't heard before and which haven't been thoroughly debunked.

Of course, this raises the bigger question: I can completely understand apathy towards the issue of gay marriage. If you're straight, why should you care? What I can't understand is the complete antipathy towards it as a concept. Two men or two women getting married shouldn't have any impact on you unless you're one of the two men or the two women. Period.

Why should I care if two strangers want to get married at all? I don't care if they're a man and a woman, two men, or two women. Just let them do their thing...

Iason Ouabache
over twelve years ago

I think my favorite thing about this list is that they added a religious reason near the end thinking that no one would really notice. I guess they just couldn't help themselves.

over twelve years ago

Fantastic rebuke. I wasn't concerned when you said there were 77 reasons until I heard the first two and realized there were still 75 to go.

Though I'm sure we in the Great Frozen North still have a long way to go when it comes to equal/human rights issues we must be doing something right to be targeted so prominently in the list.

Keep up the great work.

Ken Larson
over twelve years ago

Thanks for your rebukiness of the 77 non-religious (?) reasons to oppose Same Sex Marriage. I appreciate the Snarkiness that make it possible to go through all of these. If I were to have tried to read it, I would have quit half-way through.

One thing that you might have mentioned is children conceived in rape, which would have been a strong argument against children knowing both parents. I understand that you might have decided against the argument for comfort reasons, but there are similar organizations that are trying to force women to carry to term children conceived in rape.

These people enrage me.

Thanks again.

Dave L
over twelve years ago

Great show George, and thanks. It's very cathartic to listen someone call bullshit on that hateful trash.

David H
over twelve years ago

Nice episode. I'd just like to say to turkeys like the one who wrote that list "Is your dinner ruined by the knowledge that there might be someone down the street eating a meal that you don't like?"