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Dec 15, 2011

The Show Notes

Channeling hubris
Christmas Tree
Religious Moron(s) of the Week

     - Same-sex death penalty cleric from Chris Hvidsten
     - Scaredy Saudi driver report guy from Josh Ebert
     - Heather Daughdrill from Erik Smith
Scott Hasket’s PR:
     - Nothing ever goes as planned
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Zach Schwing
twelve and a half years ago

I cannot let Mr. Bombardv's (perhaps Bombast is better) comment go uncriticized. This is exactly the problem with getting scientific understanding into the mainstream. He uses the exact same criticisms as those who dislike shows like Mythbusters. The attitude seems to be that if you do not have an advanced degree in science you just cannot appreciate it. By that logic, Mr. Bombast should not be able or allowed to even listen to Geo's music since (presumably) he does not have a music degree.

Geo is the farthest thing from lazy. It does not take a science degree to be a critical thinker. Critical thinking is not the domain of holders of PhD's in the natural sciences. Critical thinking is one of the greatest evolutionary gifts that has been bestowed on all humanity. And to limit critical thinking to holders of degrees is no different than the same type of intolerance that Geo himself argues against.

I wish there were a way to block Mt. Bombast from ever having access to the podcast again. Then he would see the effect his elitist attitude about science has. May the spirit of Carl Sagan - the great populist promoter of critical reasoning - forever haunt Mr. Bombast.

One final note...Mr. Bombast, you are being a dick and in the words of Phil Plait "Don't be a dick." I believe that Phil's speech from last year's TAM was directed at your ilk Mr. Bombast.

Zach Schwing

twelve and a half years ago

...and George comments about "crazy people" (don't use "crazy" George, it's divisive, judgmental, and beneath you to be passive aggressive, just my 2c) when ignoramuses like Bomardv exist out there.

If you listened to the show, Bomardy, you'd know he has a degree already. See Wikipedia. See how much he has contributed. Compare to yourself. And then door, ass, goodbye.

Tim Farley
twelve and a half years ago

Man, I've read some dumb comments on the Internet in my day, but that one by bomardv is among the dumbest.

We love you George, don't change a thing. Your podcast is the only one that I rush to download as soon as its available each week.

twelve and a half years ago

Wow, bomardv, what a smart moron you are.

You see, you can say/type really short-sighted, moronic things EVEN IF you have a degree. A degree doesn't equate to knowledge. And I'll echo the other responder, you severely underestimate the power and importance of music.

Many MANY people aren't going to open up a peer reviewed journal when compared to listening to a clever song about science.


twelve and a half years ago

You know what's lazy? Posting whiny comments on a podcast that someone else created to entertain thousands of people for almost 5 years.

Brian Hoffman
twelve and a half years ago

In response to bomardv: I don't think you understand how important music is.

twelve and a half years ago

May master Hitchens passing be a reminder to us all how important it is not to waste time...

The Logarithmic G. Hrab,

I discovered your show several years ago through the SGU podcast and ever since you have provided me and the rest of us with amazing wit, creativity and laugher through
your home brew delivery of the skeptical message, instead of just snark you do allow yourself to go into monologues that are thought provoking and honest.
In one of those recent monologues, (when you were describing the charlatan medium) you mentioned that many people around the world may be well intended people but choose something easier just out of ignorance which is best expressed as follows:

Well intended lazy *person* can become either a doctor or a medium THEN *lazy person* choses medium out of lazyness and ignorance.


Well intended lazy *George Hrab* can become either a doctor or a musician THEN *George Hrab* choses music-podcasting out of lazyness and ignorance.

I think you fit the formula at logarithmically different levels but it still yields the same behavior: Lazyness.

Why: Unlike the medium, you chose science from an external point of view but dedicated your life to music, you are a likeable brilliant ousider for academia. It is quite obvious that with your interpersonal and production skills you could do much more for a class BUT you can't because you do not have a degree and you always had problems with math. It really bothers me to see your potential wasted and to see you be brought along as the "musician mascot" the "pet" that has no degree yet is very likeable, universities are in desperate need of people like you who can prevent the drop out and stupid index from soaring but what does George do? Music.
No need to sugar coat it, you are so verbally grateful to the SGU bringing you along because you know deep down you do not have the academic chops and you do not belong.
Then when faced with this you bring up your age, expenses, "math is hard" and then you are back to your psychological shelter in the form of music/podcasting, plus being the skeptical pet makes you feel useful.
The problem with your circular thinking is that you have the potential to be a science facilitator at the level of Tyson or Kaku but you may never attain that level simply because academia will always be lukewarm at best with you, always relegated to being an entertainment attache, an outsider... yet you keep trying to become part of their community. If this bothers you, I am glad because at least you may think of the reality of things, touring fame and music are ephimeral when compared with a degree, at the end of the day the degree stays, fame fades.


You may be wondering who the fuck I am to tell you to stop wasting your potential and getting a degree instead? Well I am someone that sees parallels between a well intended lazy medium and a well intended lazy podcaster. None of them goes for a degree. Different levels, same principle.

You may easily remember me by the following: I made some corrections regarding your skype techniques some time ago. I used the same delivery style above, praise, paraise then jump to point without diplomacy. Please refrain from getting offended neither of of us falls for theological strategies. Please refrain from proofreading accusations, it would only underline arrogance, besides iPhones are easy to use but neither I nor it are perfect.