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Jan 13, 2012

The Show Notes

VH-1 Classic Documentary
Thanks for the kind support
The History Chunk
     - January 11th
Bridget Mermikides’ New Album
     - Gymnopédie No.1 (Satie)
Religious Morons of the Week
     - Extremely pious Jews from JHG Redekop
     - Pope Benedict from Richard Lane
     - Samuel Mullet Sr. from Zachary Schwing
     - Tattooed idiot from Marc Gartner
     - Cardinal Archbishop Antonio Rouco Varela from JHG Redekop
21812 prep continues
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Ms. Info sez, "Bridget Mermikides is a brilliant person. Also, lovely. That is all."

Brian H.
over twelve years ago

The comment "it was like looking at an eclipse through a bologna sandwich" made my day this morning.

J. D. Mack
over twelve years ago

Is there video of Bridget performing Gymnopedie No. 1? Because if she's playing that as a solo guitar piece without overdubs (and I presume that she is), especially the forced harmonics section, then color me gobsmacked to infinity!

over twelve years ago

The Catholic Church does have a sanctioned form of birth control - the rhythm method. Maybe we need to insist that they support a form of birth control that actually works.

over twelve years ago

Oh man, Gymnopédie No.1 is such a massive trigger for me. Every time I hear it, I get very relaxed. I know it's because I associate it with something very special from my childhood, but I can never remember what.

It has triggered this response in me for at least 15-20 years (I'm 31), but I've never been able to figure out what that first connection to it is. I guess it might be so far back that it's not a conscious memory; just a feeling from early childhood.

I consciously avoid playing the piece to myself, possibly becaise I'm worried that the feeling might go away if I listen to it too often, but every time I come across it by chance (which might be once a year or less), it instantly relaxes me.

So thank you Geo (and Bridget), for tickling that unknown part of my brain.

Dr. Dim
over twelve years ago

Geo mentioned XTC! Woo hoo!