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Mar 1, 2012

The Show Notes

3D Printer
TAM 2012
L’esprit again, again
History Chunk
     - Feb.29th (Leap Day)
The Artist wins!
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Equippers Church from Richard Goulstone and
       Philip Muir and Derek Harris

Drink face
Ask George
     - Meeting my girlfriend’s parents? from Robert
21812 Drums Contest
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Lauren Cocilova
over twelve years ago

You're right. Total serial killer face.

over twelve years ago

3d printers seem to cause all kinds of business people to worry about copyright infringement and religious people to start worrying about your ability to download plans for sex toys but Cory Doctorow makes a good point about no one being concerned about being able to print parts for an AK47.

Paul K
over twelve years ago

Interesting letter from the atheist dating a catholic. I'm an atheist married to a Christian and the "priest" in this case was her father. But her parents had no trouble with me. My wife and I have no problems either. I feel sorry for James Carville being married to a Republican. That would be 100x more difficult for me. The closest my wife and I have to an argument is when I say "so you think I'm going to spend eternity in hell" and she says "I don't want to think about it". End of that conversation. She's happy to have me go to TAM and she goes to church about as often. Our parents are dead so that's one problem we don't have.
Just my 2 cents.

over twelve years ago

Hi George, interesting podcast as always. I want to correct you on a technical detail - your talk about 3D 'printing' did not accurately describe what 3D printing actually is. 3D printers don't start with a block of plastic then remove material they actually 'print' layer upon layer of extruded plastic to build a 3D object from scratch. The makerbot is a cheaper home version of what has been used commercially for years now. Even the commercial ones are becoming much cheaper and almost within reach of someone like me who designs homes (I could print out my 3D models for clients for instance). Cheers.

Jesse Williams
over twelve years ago

I added a 16th!! Nice work Eskil. It was starting to sound like Ken Larson's interpretation in the last few replays.

over twelve years ago

The real question: How long until someone uses a 3D printer for porn purposes?

over twelve years ago

Regarding Robert's email:

I think your advice is excellent, Geo. I would just add a my own concern about the parents' proposed "priest meeting". I think such a structured, formal setting is doomed to fail. Why would a priest be there? It seems to me they're looking to "prepare the ground", to establish a strong position in anticipation of a conflict. Even if they don't realize that's what they're doing, even if it's just to establish their own comfort, I think they're setting up a situation that is predisposed to end badly.

While I hesitate to cast aspersions on Robert's possible future relations, I don't like what this says about their attitudes, either. It doesn't seem to me like they are approaching this situation with any serious intent to engage. The father's comment about selfish atheists was flat-out bigotry...there's no spinning that. Now yes, he could be a prime candidate for consciousness-raising; maybe his ignorance will be mended as part of this process. But that's the position he's starting from, and that's on top of the stereotypical "what are your intentions with my daughter" parental hostility. I see nothing in their proposal that says "yes, we're willing to really listen to you, we're willing to go beyond our comfort zones, we're bringing some token of our sincerity to the table". They're asking Robert to go way outside his comfort zone and offering nothing in return.

I think they're digging the trenches before they take the field, and I wouldn't be surprised if this particular priest is a primary source of their apparent bigotry. Again, I really question the utility of his presence.

Negative as all that sounds, I also think Geo got it exactly right: Be positive. Be kind. Don't be defensive. But don't be a dick in this case either, even if you hear more bigotry; you're there to educate, after all, and you have a stake in educating those specific people. I doubt they really realize how closed-minded and defensive they've been so far, and as Geo says, I'll bet that underneath their ignorance and shocked fear, you've got some pretty damn neat people, given that they're the parents of your awesome GF. In addition to reviewing common anti-atheist arguments, I'd go over (or ask for) your GF's favorite stories about her parents--cool or funny things about living with them, being loved BY them, that you empathize with and wish you shared. Dropping in positive references to the story about the bat, the shaving cream and the ice cream truck can be a clever way of saying "wow, I wish I had a dad who'd do that for me!"

Anyway...good luck, and I really hope it works out.

Tree Lobsters
over twelve years ago

3D printers... yeah, just scratching the surface. Try googling "Adrian Bowyer" and/or "RepRap" and prepare for a trip down the rabbit hole. Also, have a look at, an online library of 3D things to make.

over twelve years ago

Damn, I figured it out before checking the comments >.<
I had exactly what Eskil had, too.
More nerdy music contests, please!!

over twelve years ago

ok, maybe it's awaiting moderation??? or maybe it doesn't like the 'pipe' symbol

i'll try a third time

4/4 . 4/4 . 4/4 . 4/4
4/4 . 3/8 . 4/4 . 5/8
4/4 . 7/8 . 4/4 . 9/8
4/4 . break

over twelve years ago

My first attempt may not have gone through and I decided to edit out some lines if it did because I don't think I quite said what I wanted to say.

I didn't see any bars. My guess was going to be 12/8. Complex/mixed meters have always been difficult for me to count. Besides any pattern can be duplicated in another meter. So now I will say it is 1/1. One day I hope to write a piece of silence that won't infringe on John Cage's 4'33".

You present a great example of the difference between percussionist, drummer and musician. You also exemplify what it is to be all three.

George Hrab
over twelve years ago

Nice attempts everyone- Eskil got it!

The basic idea is adding one bar of 5/16 against a groove of 4/4, with an extra bar of 5 each time, up to 4 bars. Weee!

OR- What Mr. Larson said. Either way...

Eskil please send me an email-


to claim yer prize.

Thanks for playing everyone-


over twelve years ago

Did my comment not go through, or are the comments being moderated? If so, I'm so sorry if this is posted twice:

Alright, my contest attempt:

5 bars of 4/4
1 bar of 5/16
1 bar of 4/4
2 bars of 5/16
1 bar of 4/4
3 bars of 5/16
1 bar of 4/4
4 bars of 5/16
1 bar of 4/4

The hihat barks are played in typical 5 fashion, but my entry makes the piece 19 bars leading up to the fill, and you said there were 18... Are you counting the last 4/4 bar as part of the next section, perhaps?

Anyway, that's my attempt

Ken Larson
over twelve years ago

Ok, the first drummer goes thumpa thumpa boom boom pak diddiddiddly, the second one goes boom whack whack pow pow spankadanka powity spoink!

Prize please!! (hold out hand in grasping motion)

over twelve years ago

Here's a slight edit for the New Zealand billboard, given that, based on the news story I saw, all six of the cured parishioners were treated by doctors:


Jesse Williams
over twelve years ago

Here's my guess. But it comes out to 19 bars instead of 18. It's 2am, I can't math - this is as close as I can get it. (also, I'm not sure if this will be a double post. I tried once already but it didn't seem to make it)

4/4 (5 bars)
3/8 (2 bars)
3/8 (3 bars)
3/8 (4 bars)

over twelve years ago

What?!? I'm the first to guess? Oh, I'm so excited.

10 bars of 4/4 (or whatever duple equivalent)
1 bar of 3/4
2 bars of 4/4
1 bar of 5/4
2 bars of 4/4
1 bar of 7/4
2 bars of 4/4
1 bar of 9/4

Am I close?

Peter Sosna
over twelve years ago

Cool 3D printer videos: