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Jun 21, 2012

The Show Notes

New Rush album
Returning books?
Steve Novella's correction
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
- The Independent Nun-Hating Holy See from James Booth

     - Indonesia’s Gaga Banning FPI from Paul Freeland

     - Botched Circumciser from Chad Walker
Watching the Enterprise get parked
Interesting Fauna
     - Mantis Shrimp
Mortimer Calls again again, again. Again.
Ask George
     - Drums? from Tim Farley
     - Drums? from Eliot Silbar
- Bass? from Anton Nordenfur
Bleeding Through at FNFF
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

Mantis Shrimp

Fright Night Film Festival


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An Itchy Rash
almost twelve years ago

I had to post this, as it reminded me of the RMotW:

An Itchy Rash
almost twelve years ago

3 nitpicks:

1) The Blackbird on the deck of the Intrepid is actually an A-12, not an SR-71 (admittedly, they are hard to tell apart, but the giveaway is that the earlier A-12 was a single seater while the SR-71 placed a RSO (reconnaissance systems officer) behind the pilot).

2) On the story of the mantis shrimp, pressure is measured in gigapascals, not gigapixels.

3) Also on the mantis shrimp, chitin is pronounced "kite-in".

(I'm sorry, but it's a rare occasion when I can point out an error in your podcast - I guess the inclusion of Dr. Novella's critique at the start had me primed to look for any mistakes)

But these are the most minor of infractions compared to what you neglected to mention about the mantis shrimp - its phenomenal eyes! Not only is each eye trinocular, but compared to the measly 3 color channels that our feeble human eyes have, the mantis shrimp has 12, allowing them to see well into the ultraviolet range. And to top it all off, while we need special sunglasses just to distinguish linearly polarized light, these little motherfuckers can detect _circularly_ polarized light. I'd call that... Interesting... Fauna...

over twelve years ago

Re: New Rush album. I had a similar realization after my mother had died and a new novel by her favourite author, Dick Francis, was released.