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Jul 22, 2012

The Show Notes

TAM thanks
Slau rehearsal
Rupert McClannahan’s Indestructible Bastards
     - John Leitner
Ask George 
     - Raising non-believers? from Steve
     - English dying out? from Lexy
     - Metric System? from Phil R.
     - Liking music? From Saho
     - Suspenders? from Sean
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Home School Torturer
     - Sexually Assaulting Deacon
     - Head Smacking Husband
     - New Guinea Cannibal Victims
Lo-o-o-ong Maynard Interview
Show close


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almost twelve years ago

Thanks Geo, glad I went with the belt this time. No Mork for me, though I do live within an hour's drive of the show's location.

almost twelve years ago

A quick point about the English language dying out. You gave a great response but I'd like to expand on it by adding two important points:

First, English is the most common second language in the world. That, in and of itself, means that English, in some form, will be around for a while...

Assuming, then, that the human race doesn't wipe itself out, I think it's safe to say that the English language will remain for by and large as long as we're willing to call the language "English."

Of course, that's the big difference between a "dialect" and a "language": the willingness of the speakers to refer to it with a common term. There are two main dialects of Chinese: Mandarin and Cantonese, which have very little (spoken) in common. But they are both Chinese. Likewise, all of the different languages of the different states of India have a great deal in common and are all derivatives of Hindi or (earlier) Sanskrit. But they are all distinct languages because their speakers refer to them as different languages.

American English and British English do have a fair amount in common but also have some very noteworthy distinctions. Why are they both called "English"? Because that's how we want it. Who knows how much longer we'd want them known under the same underlying term.....

Logan Ayliffe
almost twelve years ago

The app is so cool! Every time I load it up and the naked picture comes up, I laugh. You look great, I just always look at the strap peg on the guitar and imagine you have a weird nipple. Tee hee.

App is so cool! Ahh! I can even listen to some of your songs on it!

almost twelve years ago

I actually choose alternative curse words in order to blaspheme concepts that I personally find offensive.

For example, "chrome-plated truck nuts." It's creative, and quite a lot of fun.