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Aug 17, 2012

The Show Notes

Bland leading the blind
A toasty conundrum
The History Chunk
     - August 16th
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Saudi dot anything banners from Robert Dahlstrom
     - Ark explorer Donna D'Errico from Dave Fernandes
     - Blurry Haredi Glasses from David Hirsh
That Cool Dragon*Con Thing? Never mind.
Ask George 
     - Genres? from Fred in Lawrenceville
Maynard Interview
Weekend gigs
Show close

Mentioned in the Show

Maynard Interview

PFA – Sunday at The Sands

Geo to play drums with
Vince Petinelli Orchestra, Friday the 24th

Connecticut Gig
Saturday, August 25, 2012, 9:00 pm
The Putnam House Restaurant & Tap Room
12 Depot Pl, Bethel, Connecticut 06801-2521


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almost twelve years ago

You said that those of us who have been listening to the podcast for a while will know that Slau is blind. I've been listening since just before TAM Aus (late 2010) and this is news to me. It seems that neither you nor Slau have mentioned this fact, or anything that could allude to it in (at least) almost 2 years.

Bart Maslikowski
almost twelve years ago

Looks like Rowan beat me to it, but yes, metal appears much more egalitarian these days. Metal has always been an equal opportunity game. Certainly in the post-glam era metal was/is about how and what you play, not how you look (though optics are always important in any media). However, if optics were all, how would we explain the success of Devin Townsend:

Anyway, here are some of my picks for fave female fronted metal bands.

The Agonist
Arch Enemy
Crystal Viper
Fuck The Facts
Light This City
Cerebral Bore

Here is a clip of some of their performances:

Special kudos to Marta Gabriel from Crystal Viper on Vox and Guitar.

Hey Rowan, not all us geezers (30+) have bad things to say about lady metal artists. I've played in metal bands with women and without, and as long as they can swing an axe, shred, or growl with the best of them, I don't care what there chromosomes are!


Love the show.

Rowan Lewis
almost twelve years ago

Hi George, good show as always!

You briefly touched on female leads in metal bands. I thought I should drop by and say that, well; times are indeed changing.

One of the largest metal bands at the moment is Arch Enemy. It's led by Angela Gossow, who pretty much dominates the stage. And yes, dominates is the right word, despite the cliché.

I went hunting for an example of their music to show you and ended up watching two entire live concerts, both of each total up to about three hours. Obsessed? No denial here.

So here's a good spot to jump into one of the concerts for a quick listen:

Women in metal isn't really an issue to my generation, although I do occasionally hear some old farts (err, ok 30 plus year olds) say some pretty terrible things.

Thankfully that attitude doesn't appear to have caught on.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed that... I know I did!

almost twelve years ago

Two things:

With regard to the Kittinger jump in 1966, didn't someone break a couple of those records earlier this year?

With regard to Donna D'Errico's quest for Noah's ark, she's not the only person who's gone to Mount Ararat in search of the nonexistent boat, but why can't she (or anyone else who thinks it's a worthwhile quest) just look at the satellite maps on Google Earth? After all, some pretty interesting things have been found that way. Surely, if the boat existed, you'd see it in the images.

For some interesting stuff, check out this article:

almost twelve years ago

I love nice piping hot, non-toasted bread -- much more than I like toast, actually. But to answer the question, bread becomes toast when it's heated enough to undergo the Maillard reaction (the same reaction which makes bread crust and browns steaks). Science!