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Sep 7, 2012

The Show Notes

Post Dragon*Con
Dark Side LIVE
Randi/Cooper Story (Live at D*C)
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Khalid Chishti from Fred Bremmer
     - Jim Wallace from Phil Reed
Bebop (Live at D*C)
Ask George  
     - Lucky Piece? from Dav
     - Owner tracks? from Steve
     - Modesty? from Joey H.
Thanks again
Show close



Brian Thompson
Brian Brushwood
Phil Plait
Fraser Cain
Marian Call
Scott Sigler
Chris Martino
Maria Walters
Star Party Crew
Atlanta Skeptics


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Justin Diehl
almost twelve years ago

I said it before, but I'll happily say it again. Your Dark Side Of The Moon performance was just awesome and was the highlight of this year's Dragon*Con for me. I kept looking around at the crowd as it gathered and how they were enthralled in your playing. I can't even imagine how incredible it was from your end, but being on the floor and just seeing the so many unique misfits of Dragon*Con nerdiness just grooving together, tapping their feet, and mouthing the words along with you was perfect. Thank you for a memory I'll love for a long time.

I actually tried to record on my phone but the audio came out a bit choppy so I'm happy I found this recording of it.

Derek Colanduno
almost twelve years ago

Since *I* was the 'Dragon*Con Person' referred to in the rant.

Figure that is why my name didn't get mentioned!!

Rowan Lewis
almost twelve years ago

Hi George,

I just found this song on YouTube, and it reminded me of you. To my innocent mind it sounds really good, as though it's the best parts of the musical styles it employs.

Wait for it to become heavy metal at 3:05.

almost twelve years ago

My magic talisman is my Lucky Brain. Whenever I am faced with any difficult task, I make sure I am using my Lucky Brain. Sometimes I am forced by circumstances to use somebody else's brain but it's never quite the same. Turns out lots of people have Lucky Brains, and they usually turn out to be even luckier than mine!