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Feb 8, 2013

The Show Notes

Rolling Stones Documentary
If I had a job…
Congrats to Jay and Cortney!
Contest in honor of the 300th Episode
Ask George   
     - French singing? from Michel
     - What religion are you?
     - Drummer/Leader? from Donovan Willet
     - Cleanse? from Scott Cook
     - Fake encores? from Chris
     - Podcasting led to this? from Richard
Tiaan’s letter about Tyler    
No Agenda Live Stream: 8pm EST Mondays
Religious Moron of the Week

     - Mufti Azam Mufti Bashiruddin from Rob McDermott
Dark Side of the Moon acoustic show: Mar. 29th
Show close


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George Hrab
over ten years ago

Congrats to Dave Bauer, Scott C, Nic, Logan Ayliffe & JHG Redekop.

Fellas- Please send me an email


with the words I'M A ZOMBIE DAMMIT in the subject line. I will hook you up with Gary for your necrotization.

Thanks for playing everyone!


Toby B
over ten years ago

I say the contest answers are Padre Bingo, Clark Nantsi, and Lord Wentley Houndstooth. I have no intention of entering the contest, I just love that Geo warned folks about the approval mechanism and to not keep resubmitting answers. I like to think that's because of me and the last contest he had.

Daniel Boatsman
over ten years ago

Hi Geo! Other than you, George Hrab, I believe the other three band members in the 'Where Have You Been?' video are George Hrab, George Hrab and George Hrab. I think.

Invincible Irony Man
over ten years ago

I always try to maintain my skeptical attitude when it comes to music documentaries, so often they degenerate into gratuitous hero-worship. I was disgusted by the George Harrison documentary, Living in the Material World. Watching Olivia talking about his affairs, repeating the blatant bullshit he told her to excuse his behavior really made me cringe. The whole thing was so one-sided, they didn't even touch upon what a hypocritical bastard he was, and I say that as a fan. So I was pretty wary going in to Crossfire Hurricane, and I must say it lived up to my low expectations. I am not a devoted fan, but speaking as one who appreciates their best music from the sixties and early seventies, if you want to see a really good film about the Rolling Stones I strongly recommend Charlie is My Darling. Reworked and restored, it's a wonderful record of the bands original line-up with a lot of rarely seen concert footage and audio remastered from recently unearthed first generation recordings of their early concerts.

over ten years ago

Clark Nantsi, Padre Bingo, Lord Wentley Houndstooth.
It took me 30 seconds to find out from the video.

over ten years ago

Drums: Padre Bingo
Bass: Clark Nantsi
Guitar: Lord Wentley Houndstooth

Michael P
over ten years ago

padre bingo clark nantsi Lord Wentley Houndstooth

James Capatch
over ten years ago

This is a bit goes: George Hrab/Padre Bingo on drums, George Hrab/Clark Nantsi on bass, and George Hrab/Lord Wentley Houndstooth on guitar. Vibes from Australia! The real vibes.

Bart Maslikowski
over ten years ago

For the contest, according to the video, the members other than Geo performing in Where have you been? are:

Padre Bingo: Drums
Clark Nantsi: Bass
Lord Wentley Houndstooth: Guitar

Though I suspect both Padre and Lord Wentley are both Geo in disguise.

Kitty Maehem
over ten years ago

Padre Bingo - Drums
Clark Nantsi - Bass
Lord Wentlet Houndstooth - Guitar

over ten years ago

Padre Bingo
Clark Nantsi
Lord Wentley Houndstooth

- Pat McComb in Ann Arbor

over ten years ago

Hi Geo! I'd love to be zombificated! Zombified? Zombie-tronnned? Anyway, the credits on the video show Padre Bingo on drums, Clark Nantsi on bass and Lord Wentley Houndstooth on the gee-tar. Also, you are the one who is doing the singing. Am I right? I enjoyed the show anyway, as I always do. Vibraphone!

Erick Vandagriff
over ten years ago

Padre Bingo on drums
Clark Nantsi on bass
Lord Wentley Houndstooth on guitar

Jin-oh Choi
over ten years ago

Padre Bingo
Clark Nantsi
Lord Wentley Houndstooth

Jenny Moore
over ten years ago

The other three artists are Padre Bingo, Clark Nantsi, and Lord Wently Houndstooth. I want to be a zombie!

Love the podcast!

Jesse Williams
over ten years ago

I'm probably too late, but here's my answer anyways - the musicians expertly accompanying Geo's vocals on the "Where Have You Been" video are Padre Bingo, Clark Nantsi and Lord Wentley Houndstooth - all portrayed by George Hrab...or somebody that looks suspiciously like him.

Rob Tarr
over ten years ago

The other musicians in "Where Have You Been?"

Padre Bingo
Clark Nantsi
Lord Wentley Houndstooth

Tiaan Krige
over ten years ago

Thank you George for sharing my letter about Tyler. If he was here now, he would appreciate the gesture. Keep up the good work. Tyler will be dearly missed. This is a photo of us from last May, Tyler is on the right:

over ten years ago

So, it's very rare that I can actually react quickly to a podcast contest, so we'll see if this does the trick... A quick break from shovelling snow to visit YouTube gets me:

Padre Bingo
Clark Nantsi
Lord Wentley Houndstooth

Logan Ayliffe
over ten years ago

The other 3 band members:

Padre Bingo
Clark Nantsi
Lord Wentley Houndstooth

Which are, of course, all you, and all awesome.

over ten years ago

So, I'm listening to the podcast, hearing about the contest and here I am, no comments yet...

then I hear they have to be approved so that explains that part...

I check the video, and think the credits are there...

Then I see the third name and think I need to respond with the real names...

But, just in case, here is my contest entry:

Padre Bingo, Clark Nantsi, and Lord Wentley Houndstooth

Scott C
over ten years ago

Padre Bingo
Clark Nantsi
Lord Wentley Houndstooth!

Dave Bauer
over ten years ago

I say!

Padre Bingo
Clark Nantsi
Lord Wentley Houndstooth

steve Welsh
over ten years ago

BTW the start-up music for Microsoft windows is actually Robert Fripp