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Feb 16, 2013


Zombie winners:
     - JHG Redekop, Logan Ayliffe, Scott Cook,
       Dave Bauer and Nic
Show 300
You can be a Geographer or Geologist
Religious Moron(s) of the Week

     - Fayhan Ghamdi from Scott Cook

     - Cecil Glenn Powe Jr. from Adam Blevins

     - Walter Slonopas from Kevin Hicks
TAM 2013
Happy Valentine’s Day
- You Make Me Feel Brand New
Interesting Fauna

     - Actual Flying Squid

     - Chromodoris reticulata
Laugh-Bark on XM
Dr. Damian Handzy’s Facts That’ll Fuck Y’Up
     - Guess who’s sold 40 million tickets
Thanks again and again.
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Interesting Fauna:
Flying Squid
Sea Slug

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Greg Dorais
over ten years ago

Congratulations on 300 shows maestro! Quite the milestone. :D

(I'm thinking that I need to create a horn for my car that plays your "LAUGH!" audio from this show.)

over ten years ago

Happy 12C Episodes, Geo! Here's to getting to 258!

over ten years ago

i have to admit, i was expecting the big shouting "LAUGH!" during the last 2 or 3 seconds of the podcast during the birds-in-the-background-fadeout.

please don't ever do that again.

congrats on 300! Hawoo! Hawoo! Hawoo!

over ten years ago

Hello :)

In regards to the subscription, could you please set it up so that if we want to donate, we could pay geologist or geographer subscription in a yearly lump sum? & yay for a shirt!!!

over ten years ago

Totally in. YAY. YAY very much. :)

Steve Malone
over ten years ago

Congrats on reaching the milestone folks! Only 14 more 'til your (100xpi)th episode.

Now to scrape together $8 a month (that's only like half a euro, right?) and hope my Geologist T-shirt gets here before QEDCon.

over ten years ago

This is soo exciting! I'm all in!