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Mar 21, 2013

The Show Notes

Two Letters
Bruno Mars and Sting
Ask George
- Pandora? from Zachary
    - Genesis Drumming? from Fred T.
- Choosing Charities? from Ian
    - Audiophilalia? from Filip L.
    - Loudness Wars? from Mike
- Singing and Drumming? from John in Manchester
Calgary Promo Code
Religious Morons of the Week

    - Lawmakers in Idaho from David Barwick
- Religious Leaders in Manitoba from Sean Sandulak
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Show close


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Ms. Information has her own late-breaking Moron of the Week: Michelle Shocked. Seriously. She's not gay anymore! And she's an evangelist who's been advocated by Westboro. And the tour she had? Venues canceled events after her homophobic raging at a concert... which she is now trying to damage-control. You can read about this here... and here.

Anne Marie
almost eleven years ago

About the second letter, I think there were points in it that were worth listening to. When you said that the kid didn't know what black meant in the previous show, my first thought was, "Well, I bet the black kid certainly knows what black means." Colorblindness IS a white privilege. Additionally, the person was definitely not saying colorblindness in children directly causes the institutional racism in rates of incarceration but rather that it contributes to societal blindness to the fact that rates of incarceration are racist and helps allow us to keep from changing. If we raise kids who ignore race, they can't see racism later.

almost eleven years ago

Regarding Pandora: What if a fan wanted to help you out financially and were to play a George Hrab station on Pandora or (or both) 24/7 on a computer? Obviously they would have to use an auto-clicker to keep it going. Would this still give you an insignificant amount of money? What if 100 fans did this?