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Jun 13, 2013

The Show Notes

PFA meets Bernard
Dad’s birthday and other June birthdays
What’s said at the intro of Religious Morons
Angelo Madrid’s RMotW cartoons
Religious Morons of the Week

     - E.W. Jackson from Gabriel Trevorrow

     - Cindy Jacobs from Terry Williams
Ask George

     - Proselytizers? from Anonymous
Recording the DVD commentary this week!
Show close


Mentioned in the Show

Freedom To Offend

with Religious Moron of the Week cartoons
by Angelo Madrid



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Ms Info sez: "Happy birthday to both the Maestro's clan—especially Mr. H on his 70th—and my own clan as well. SO many celebratory June days!"

over eleven years ago

OMG You met Bernard.

I walked into a bar many years ago and heard a guy playing brilliant jazz guitar on a beat up yellow Telecaster. I mentioned to my wife that "This guy's playing jazz on a Tele just like Ted Greene."

Years later the Ted Greene website came out and they had pictures and videos of Ted in his later years. I had only seen the photos on his books from the 70's. But when I say the more recent pictures I realized that the mystery guy I saw in that tiny bar in L.A. was the man himself. Ted Greene.

over eleven years ago

I recognized the Purdie shuffle by your demo, but I had to go find it on Youtube. There's more musical joy in this 2 minutes of playing than most people have all week. Thanks for bringing him to my attention.

over eleven years ago

Re: Yoga and satan - I first heard this from a creationist I worked with in 1984. I think he might have got it from a Duane Gish creation comic as he would occasionally show them to me at work.

over eleven years ago

George! I am so disappointed that I will not be here in Utah when you are. Enjoy Snowbird. You will be right next to the greatest ski area on earth at Alta. Enjoy our great mountain valleys and the conference!