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Jun 20, 2013

The Show Notes

Back to the Future and financial rewards
Man of Steel
Ask George

     - Songs and Words? from Joe

     - Martial Arts and Woo from Dan A.

     - Geddy’s Washing Machines? from Jeff K.
Stop Making Sense with Slau & Audrey
Religious Morons of the Week

     - Holy Trinity School from Alec Zirke

     - Mouse-hating Sheikh Muhammad Munajid from Richard Lane
PFA LIVE: What’s Going On
Catch the band in New Hope and Allentown this week
Interesting Fauna
- Panamanian Golden Frog aka Semaphore Frog
Show close


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ten and a half years ago

interesting thing to bring up on the intro. ALthough i think Glover missed quite an important part of the story with Marty's involvement in the 50's. Not only did Marty get to fix things between George & Lorraine, he also taught George about being self confident & not always feeling sorry about himself. Case in point - early in Part 1 in 1985 (v1) where Biff, George's boss, crashes George's own car, George doesn't even stand up for himself knowing full well that it was Biff's fault. in 1985 (v1), George & Biff had the exact same relationship they had in high school. Biff - the bully, George - the bullied.

Enter Marty, who unfortunately screws things up with his peeping Tom dad, & is forced to mend things. He tries to get George to man-up & ask Lorraine out to the dance, not because she feels sorry for George (because, originally HE was the one who was supposed to be hit by her dad's car), but because he is a confident enough guy who doesn't feel sorry for himself.

Fast forward to the rape scene when he is easily outmatched by Biff, George doesn't just cower in fear, he, for the first time, stands up to Biff & gets the girl -- Lorraine at this point falls for George, again, not because she feels sorry for him, but because he is man she can feel safe around him. It's confidence that he for the first time shows & it's through courage that he stands up to Biff's morally reprehensible actions.

Skipping to the end of the Trilogy, where we find that Biff has caved & probably learned a lesson, & George is a confident looking man who is in a loving relationship with Lorraine.

At this point, thanks to an interesting point by Glover, we get to ask if there should be a financial reward after all that. Perhaps? Maybe? One can argue how financially well off confident people are in their lives. But i stand on my original point that Glover had the wrong premise for his character being wealthy in the end. It's not just for the sake of a happy ending by the writers, but because Marty taught him life lessons which are the cause of his wealth in 1985 (v2).