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Aug 22, 2013

The Show Notes

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     - Suits? from Michael
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     - Drum Machine? from Ceejay
     - MP3/CD/Vinyl? from Bruno
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     -Darek Isaacs from Larry Miller
     -The Gastonguay Family

     - No Muslim Parking Sign Makers from Greg Perrine
Rifftrax LIVE was awesome
Interesting Fauna

     - Puffer Fish’s Underwater Crop Circles
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The Mystery of Underwater Crop Circles Explained


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almost eleven years ago

There's actually a term for the tendency to say out whatever the last letter of an acronym stands for (like saying "PIN Number" or "HIV Virus"). It's RAS Syndrome. If you couldn't guess, RAS stands for Redundant Acronym Syndrome and, thus, is a self-referential phrase.

With regard to the greater question of correcting people's grammar, unless you're literally teaching the person how to speak (parent or teacher to child / student), my advice is: don't. There's no such thing as a native speaker of any language who speaks the language perfectly correctly. There's always something that'll trip you up.

What's more important than getting the grammar right, is whether or not the meaning of what is being said, is understood. If there's ambiguity in what's been spoken, then, yes, it's fair to ask the person what they meant. Think of that scene in the movie Johnny Dangerously when the news broke that Johnny Dangerously is the brother of the district attorney. The title character, played by Michael Keaton, confirmed this to the press by saying "Me and him's brothers." Grammatically incorrect but still completely understood. So leave it be...

almost eleven years ago

Usually, when I hear a new song I really like from an artist I'm not familiar with, I'll go grab the album off of iTunes and listen to it straight through at least a couple of times, to get a feel for the album. Usually there'll be at least a couple of songs I really like, a bunch I'm lukewarm on, and maybe one or two I actively dislike. Then I'll stick the ones from the first two groups onto my general playlist for a while. I'll usually (though not always) warm to the lukewarm songs, and after the songs coming up a few times in rotation, I'll go back and listen to the albums again. I think this approach works pretty well in the shuffle era...