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Sep 19, 2013

The Show Notes

The Blue Turtles Project
Songs vs. Performance Piece
T-Shirts for Geologists
Religious Moron of the Week
- Contaminated Holy Water purveyors from Milton Mermikides
     - Fix The Family Dot Com from Tommy Wood
Last Wednesday’s PFA Show, Hi Danger Nate!
Philly Funk in Easton on Sunday
Interesting Fauna

     - The Issus and its gear-based jumping legs
Movie: Trance
Show close


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almost eleven years ago

Dear Geo,

Let me quote you on your reply to Mike from NSW Australia and his science degree on Episode #331

"...number 2, I think I very fairly take everyone to task very evenly..."

Great way to respond. Definitely, Mike should listen to your answer everyday while working on his fifth degree, he might manage to listen one day.
Joking aside, your reporting of religious Morons is very much needed simply because old media
does not cover that enough or literally ignores many of the stories you report out of several conflicts of interest.
It makes sense that FOX, CNN and others owe favors to religious people and do not call out their morons to avoid any backlash from them.
I like how you constantly underline this media hypocrisy.
Direct criticism is fair, everyone should be taken to task. Religious or scientist, nobody is above the rules.
Besides, intellectually dishonest people have no right to get insulted or offended. For them, nothing is easier than getting offended to curtail the question.
Unfortunately very recently, I have witnessed myself exactly this problem with a talented well known personality. This person, who I happen to like very much as a comedian, has been linked to radicalist groups and with people who have committed harassment, libel, fraud and even taken to court, yet, instead of openly distancing himself from those individuals and criticizing them publicly, he has held back criticism and avoided talking about the topic altogether. His silence is a symptom of intellectual compromise. Like FOX/CNN, he does not call those individuals out because he owes them favors and since now he derives secondary income from newmedia, he risks a severe backlash if he is 100% honest.

That person is you Geo.

Have you criticized Rebecca Watson for her radicalized statements on conventions?
Have you criticized the Novellas and Watson for defaming Dawkins post elevatorgate?
Have you criticized FTB for their libel against Thunderf00t?
Have you criticized FTB for their doxxing & getting people fired practices?
Have you criticized PZ Myers for his recent false 3rd hand-sourced false rape accusations against Shermer?
Have you reported Shermer is actually suing PZ Myers?

You do hold back criticism Geo.
It makes sense you steer away from criticizing Watson and PZ Myers because you risk losing their support and the FTB backlash doxxing you/cancelling your music gigs.

You do have conflicts of interest Geo. You owe SGU and Watson your audience cross-pollination, them taking you to TAM and keeping you as their funny-musician-mascot-outsider-who-has-no-science-degree. That is the reason you don't take them to task evenly.

You are 90% intellectually honest and you are OK with it.
Think about it, take everyone to task including those you owe favors to.

You won't Geo.

Let me own up to this and my previous comments.
You may easily remember me by the following comment/criticisms,

1) I criticized your Skype practices

2) I criticized your wasted potential vs your lack of a science degree

In both cases I used the same delivery style above, praise, praise then jump to the point without diplomacy.
Please refrain from getting offended/insulted neither of of us falls for theological strategies.
Please refrain from proofreading accusations, it would only underline arrogance, besides neither Android phones without swiftkey or I are perfect.

almost eleven years ago

popular album that isn't too difficult to play in a tribute concert? i was thinking you'd mention Fleetwood Mac's Rumours. i agree with the Foo Fighters analysis. there isn't really 1 insanely popular stand out album by the band & i freakin' love them as a live band. they really are more a singles releasing troup with many awesome non-single songs in each of their album. if i had to choose which one you could do? it's either Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (my fav. as well as being quite a varied sounding album) or There is Nothing Left to Loose. Simply because of the many popular singles in that album.

Tommy Wood
almost eleven years ago

I was thrilled to be a part of this episode. Thanks and vibes!

almost eleven years ago

Your comments about the mediocre band inspiring you to action reminded me of what Peter Schickele says about P.D.Q. Bach: his appeal is in that his music is so bad, anyone can feel like they can do better.

almost eleven years ago

So frickin' cool: