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Sep 26, 2013

The Show Notes

Bruce’s Party and my hands
8-Track Trebuchet
Christchurch is doing ok
Ask George
- A Lefty Guitar? from Noah
     - A Tip for the DJ? from Jason

     - A Drummer’s Clams? from Michael

     - A Band’s Sound? from Mike

     - A Move with my boyfriend? from JSRF
- A Band’s Legitimacy? from Alex M.

     - A Change of Grip for Neil? from Marc

     - (…with bonus Freddy Gruber Rant)
Looking for a Honda Element
Crossfit & Rhabdomyolysis
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almost eleven years ago

George: Interesting discussion on "when is the band still the band?" Here's a strange thought. The Crimson Jazz Trio is a cool piano, drums, bass jazz trio who play King Crimson tunes. The drummer, Ian Wallace actually played on the King Crimson album "Islands" in 1971. So since he was actually a band member does that make the CJT actually King Crimson?

Now for King Crimson I think it must contain Robert Fripp or it's not King Crimson.

almost eleven years ago

Sarcasm mixed with self deprecation has no intellectual value because you are still offended Geo.
You are being taken to task intellectually therefore you have no right to let the side of your ego mired into toddlerhood take the best of you.
Please take me to task with reasoning and valid points. Address the points I sent. Practice what we claim: Dispassionate Reasoning.

I do not get offended, you do not get offended for it has no intellectual value.


Hugh Yeman
almost eleven years ago

Hi George. I've been going to a CrossFit gym for seven months, and it's been so beneficial for me that my descriptions sound like hyperbole. So I was troubled by that "Crossfit's Dirty Little Secret" article. Here's what I wrote the other day in response.

I would find the article much more troublesome than I do if not for two things.

First, the author repeatedly makes a priori attacks on "the culture of Crossfit". That's what I meant when I mentioned weasel words. His intent seems to be to map his friend's experience onto CrossFit as a whole.

Second, the author doesn't use *any* of those weasel words on his friend.

I call that bias. Bias doesn't necessarily taint a piece; everyone has bias. But Robertson crosses the line in this piece, letting bias compromise his narrative integrity.

I am in no position to say what percentage of people in CrossFit, or what percentage of CrossFit gyms, have such an unhealthy mentality. I can only speak for my experience in one CrossFit gym. Based on that, I'll tell you two *more* things.

First, I could push myself harder than I do. But I'm not stupid. I know my limits. I don't do anything that's going to risk giving me a heart attack. I err on the conservative side, so that I don't injure myself and so that I have a little energy left over at the end of the WOD. The whole *point* of my being in CrossFit is to be free from injury.

Second, my instructor has *no* higher priority than safety. From the moment I walked in there, it was clear to me that my safety was his top priority. If he were otherwise, I would have left long ago. And he exhibits that same concern for everyone present.

Personal responsibility ties together those two points. I am responsible for using common sense and knowing my limits. My instructor has the highest situational awareness of anyone I've ever met, but even *he* can't read my mind.

Speaking of my instructor, he's very much aware of the rhabdomyolysis, and is the first to admit that some CrossFit gyms are full of idiots and run by idiots. He recommends checking out any gym before going to it, and if at any time the workout methodology doesn't seem safe, don't go.

With all that said, I think the author's friend exhibited astonishingly poor judgment. She's a physical therapist, yet she pushed herself so far beyond her limits, IN ORDER TO KEEP UP WITH SOMEONE ELSE, that she got a condition with an overall annual incidence of 0.06%, and she waited A DAY AND A HALF before seeking medical attention for a wildly unusual and debilitating condition? Yeah. I doubt that it was anyone's fault but her own.

Can CrossFit kill you? Yes.

Can hiking kill you? Yes.

Can bananas kill you? You bet your ass.

Be an adult. Take some responsibility for your actions.