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Feb 13, 2014


Blue Turtles June 20th!
12th night
Interesting Fauna

     - Magnetic map following salmon
The Lego Movie was waaaay better than expected. [slight spoilers]
Ask George

     - John Williams? from Brandon in Florida

     - Influence? from George from Jersey
Blow Up The Outside e-mail
The iCar
The Film That Wasn’t Good.
Religious Moron of the Week

     - Good Luck Charlie e-mailers from Gerry Leonore

     - Suicide bomb instructor from Miranda
The George Hrapp 2.0 sooon
Thanks for the incredible support for the last seven years.
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over ten years ago

LOVE THE RETRO INTRO!!!!! Warmed my aging cockles!

over ten years ago

Re: iCar - If Mac built a car you would probably have to take it to a mechanic to refuel it and any spare parts, despite being identical to parts used by PC cars, would cost 3 times as much. :P

Hugh Yeman
over ten years ago

My wife and I saw "Richard III", the second of the pair of Shakespeare on Broadway performances of which your "Twelfth Night" was the first. I found Mark Rylance's interpretation of Richard to be amazingly discomfiting. My wife and I had a fascinating conversation about that afterward. Rylance's interpretation made sense to her, but I needed a lot of convincing.

George Hrab
over ten years ago

Yeah but it would LOOK COOL!