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Mar 14, 2015

The Show Notes

The theme this year was "How I met George"
plus Deepak Chopra quotes and Geologist Jokes.

The Geologic Fancast Crew, in order of appearance
Liz Winfrey Ventura
Peter Sosna
Michelle Franklin
Martin Perrson
Carrie Parkinson
Todd Dietrich
Jim G Phynn
Bruce Press
Michael Gydian Hoff
Brian Webber


Wisdom of Chopra
Random Deepak Chopra Quote Generator

Jokes 4 Us

A Rooster for the Masses
Peter Sosna

over nine years ago

not just you Mark. I could not keep a straight face reading the real ones.

over nine years ago

Is it just me or do the quotes from the 'Random Deepak Chopra Quote Generator' make more sense than actual Chopra quotes!???