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Dec 8, 2016

The Show Notes

Hope via New York City parking advice
Tree is up
Dr. Damian Handzy’s Facts That’ll Fuck Y’Up
     - Molecules, Washington, Elvis and your eyes
Religious Moron of the Week
     - “Bishop” Daniel Obinim from Aki Henahala
Nine Stupid Items in Your Car Ranked By How Stupid They Are
Man With The Bag
Ask George
     - Westworld music? from Tim Farley
     - Piano? from Andrew K and Bill
PFA Saturday and Geo Solo Next Friday
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seven and a half years ago

With regard to stupid things in your car, we agree that the sun visor is a stupid item, albeit for different reasons. If you are a certified Tall Person (tm), then the sun visor does not do as you stated. It completely blocks your line of sight in front of you and thus makes you not quite as safe a driver as Al Pacino's character in Scent of a Woman.

Also, you forgot the item that's truly the most stupid thing in your car: the night/day switch on the underside of the rear view mirror. Because nothing promotes vehicular safety better than changing from the ability to see out your rear view mirror, to the ability to stare at the crotch of the back seat. While I concede that doing this gives you a better sense of monitoring any children who might be wrestling there, it's not exactly what I want to know while I, or any other drivers, are speeding down the highway.