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May 6, 2017

The Show Notes

I drove by a big truck.
Working Out and Counting
Religious Moron of the Week
     - Ken Copeland and Jesse Duplantis from Larry Miller
Happy birthday, Veikko!
Ask George
     - Bozzio’s Drums? from PB
     - Modern Standards? from Jim
Rupert McClannahan’s Indestructible Bastards
     - John Griffin
Bill Bruford’s Thesis
Happtet Tix still available
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Mentioned in the Show

Indestructible Bastard:
Hamilton retiree uses electric fence to jump-start heart

Making it Work: Creative music performance and the Western kit drummer
by William Bruford

Icehouse Concert featuring The Happtet: Tickets
May 27th


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almost six years ago

Arpeggio Geo:

I could like to comment about your trials and tribulations counting during workouts. My brain is fairly neurotypical, and most of my friends are smart. I have a job that is highly analytical and math based. Further, I play bass instruments including bass clarinet, so am used to counting for 450 measures playing a few notes then falling asleep with my eyes open in the conductors direction having completed my instruments contribution to the piece. All of that and yes, i seem to lose my ability to count to any number higher than 1 during a workout, as such, my joining a crossfit gym is largely about having someone to fill in all the bits of my brain that go to sleep like the aforementioned bass clarinet contribution. Motivation, counting, workout design is what I pay for at the premium gym, not the work out itself. You are not alone in being aghast in this potential exercised induced cerebral malfunction.