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Apr 22, 2023

  The Show Notes  



1. Terpsichore I
2. Stop Shouting
3. Terpsichore II
4. A Little Too Little Too Late
5. Terpsichore III
6. Is This Happening
7. Insomnia
8. Terpsichore IV
9. White Noise
10. Pretty Awful
11. Bitter Angelica
12. Once I’m Famous & Rich
13. How Did You Do It
14. Drowning ≠ Drowning

music & lyrics- George Hrab 

Matt Asti- piano, organ, clavinova, synths

Dave Painchaud- brass and brass arrangements
Kiera Wilhelm- vocals
Raysa Michelle- vocals
Dina Hall- vocals
Dale Gerheart- vocals on Is This Happening
Neil Wetzel- saxophone on Is This Happening, White Noise, Bitter Angelica 
Milton Mermikides- guitar solo on Stop Shouting, guitars on White Noise
Slau- guitar solo on Pretty Awful, additional keyboards
George Hrab -drums, bass, guitars, percussion, vocals, additional keyboards 

Recorded, engineered, mixed, & mastered by Slau at BeSharp Studios, Astoria, NY 


April 22, 2023
featuring The George Hrab Band

Album Release Concert & Listen Through
at The Icehouse
Bethlehem, Pa.


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