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Apr 18, 2007

The show notes:
Kurt Vonnegut
Beatles Writers Block
Exercise and writers block
Exercise and flirting
Calling the show from two weeks ago
Grandma's Entertainment Report

-Daniel Craig
-Adam Sandler
-Leslie Bibb
Religious Moron of the Week SUPER EDITION
-Chuck Missler
-peanut butter evolution video
Interesting Fauna
-Slow Loris
Beano at Godfrey's Open Mike
W.A.S.P. for the Visually Impaired
Gig with Lisa Bodnar Band
Show Close


Mentioned in the show: Peanut Butter Evolution Video, W.A.S.P. video, young singer/songwriter from Open Mike Night, Lisa Bodnar, Sunday's venue Club Midway.

And as always: George's blog, website, flickr, and myspace page. Have a comment on the show, a question, or want a copy of "Non-Coloring Book" for your very own? Drop George a line at or through his blog.

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Great Zombie Jesus, that RMOTW bit was so incredibly dumb my brain wanted to leap out of my skull and press pause. Wow.