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May 20, 2009

The Show Notes

Top Gear is so effing British
Religious Moron of the Week
- Kailash "Kalau" Singh  from Mike Lush
Sentence sounds from Jesse Flint
PFA and Sir Duke’s missing earring
Interesting Fauna

- Elysia Chlorotica  from Kate Sherrod via Twitter
Dave Rabbit
History Chunk
- May 20th
Wet Wired Interview
Go to "Camp" over at Pseudopod
Trio Marenich and their enchanting gypsy night
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Balticon; Philadelphia Funk Authority; Geo's upcoming gigs and Balticon information; Geo's interview on Wet Wired with Marie from Savannah; Camp at Pseudopod; Dave Rabbit; Kate on twitter.

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Ms. Information sez: See y'all at Balticon!

George Hrab
over fifteen years ago

Good for you Greg.

Listen to the end of my WetWired interview for comments on that very subject. The link is in the show notes.

Keep at it...


over fifteen years ago

Hey Geo, just wanted to say thanks. That Dave rabbit show is abso-fucking-lutely fantastic. Good times. Heres a link for anyone too lazy to find it themselves
scroll down to where it says Radio First Termer: Vietnam in big red letters.

Computer Repair Toronto
over fifteen years ago

I\\\'ve seen the Australian Top Gear. it\\\'s perfect

over fifteen years ago

Barney\\\'s in the vent:

photo credit: (c) Amy Whelan, Creative Commons No Commercial, Attribution.

over fifteen years ago

Watch the Australian Top Gear! You will have as much to say. The tone of the comments will be a bit different. It shames the whole Southern hemisphere.

over fifteen years ago

Hey Geo:

Greg here, the guy who wrote to you about the difficulty of composing music. Well it turns out that one of my music students (I teach guitar and mandolin in the evenings after my day job) wanted to write a song. (Oh No! Panic!) So we came up with a really strange minor key intro that moves to a Celtic reel in D. It\\\'s really strange but hey, at least we\\\'re writing. And you know what? It\\\'s kind of an interesting tune.

And so that reminded me of something I heard Chris Thile say once and I had somehow forgotten until the situation prompted my memory. He said \\\"I try to write every day. Now, much of it sucks, but I still try to write every day.\\\"

Yeah, much of it does suck. So maybe part of the advice I need to learn is \\\"Stop being so freakin\\\' critical!\\\" I have to realize that much of it will suck. But sometimes it won\\\'t. Save those gems and keep writing.

Or something like that.


over fifteen years ago

As soon as Geo played the clip of Dave Rabbit and mentioned being interviewed, I couldn\\\'t help but think the result will sound like Mea Culpa from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, with the contrast between the slow, laid-back Rabbit\\\'s voice and Geo\\\'s rather more energetic presentation...

George Hrab
over fifteen years ago

I made a mistake... I made a mistake... I made a mistake...

David P.
over fifteen years ago

Interesting that internationally popular word \"coke\" has \"OK\" in it.

Solar powered slugs. Do they get a green energy tax credit? Euglena are also photosythetic animals, but they are just single celled animals.

I originally wondered if Barney the Dinosaur was in the vent until I heard an explanation in a Geo YouTube video, then the song made much more sense.

over fifteen years ago

I agree with the British cultural habit of [quote] \"You know what? If people want to find out about it... we\'re never going to talk about this again\" being a refreshing thing sometimes. But I still must say - good change to the outro. Here\'s to the future.

over fifteen years ago

Great show! I have one for Interesting Fauna:

Michael Kris
over fifteen years ago

Hey Geo
you might find this idea interesting
I was thinking of bringing Jediism to Israel, what do you think?

over fifteen years ago


Your intro to the podcast had some good points, but I think that you missed a few points.

1)Blah blah blah, BLAH Blah blah blah blah blah BLAH
4)Finally, as Onno said \\\"Blah-Blah\\\"

I hope this clears some things up.

over fifteen years ago