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Jul 16, 2009

The Show Notes
"All You Need Is Love"
Thanks for being such great fans
Thanks all around
General seating
Landing early?
Horror Scopes
Rebecca and Sid’s surprise
Million dollar challenge silence
Interesting Fauna

- the arthrodires' dick from Richard Lane
- pacu (Piaractus brachypomus) from Jason Schmidt
TAM Auction
TAM Talent Show
Thanks one more time
Show close


Mentioned in the show: SkeptiLove by Alison Smith; SkeptiLove on twitter; Arthrodires; Piaractus brachypomus and its humanoid teeth: Richard Saunders' auction link; TAM7.

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Chris Sol
ten and a half years ago

@keisha, \"people are stupid and here\'s why\" would be the title. It would be awesome. Do it.

Remember, there is no next time ...

@geo - thanks for the podcast, yet again.

over ten years ago

Hey, you\\\'d absolutely get subscribers; it was a really thoughtful, clever show that you did. :) Thank you for that, I\\\'ve passed it onto a few friends. :)

ten and a half years ago

Does Keisha have her own podcast we can subscribe to? That was a great half-hour of show! :)

ten and a half years ago

Podblack, your comment caused me to squee myself into pieces. Now that I\\\'ve put myself back together, I\\\'d have to say that no, I don\\\'t have a podcast. I know that Carriep thinks that the hub and I should make one, but I don\\\'t know what we\\\'d talk about each week except for \\\"People are stupid and here\\\'s why.\\\"

Maybe one day....

ten and a half years ago

Yay Peter Sosna!! :) Will tune in and catch it, it\\\'s a great show! :)

ten and a half years ago

Auction winner here. I put together a little something to detail my experience here:
It\\\'s composed mostly for people who have no idea who Geo is or what TAM entails, but I think that it can be enjoyed by all.

Side note to Geo: again, thanks for a great time in Vegas. Also: we still have the dog. She\\\'s elderly and spoiled and the second-most important mammal in my life.

ten and a half years ago

Gwo, going West you\\\'re flying into the JET STREAM, but it doesn\\\'t go straight across the country. On your trip to LVI from PHI, you likely avoided most of the head-on flying into the Jet Stream (not the Gulf Stream - that is an ocean current). I hope that sheds a bit of clarity on why you arrived early, they had projected a flight more affected by the Jet Stream, and it shifted.

Colleen Marie
ten and a half years ago

RE: arthrodires
you really do have the mention a big dick on every show, don\\\'t you?

RE: lunch with Geo auction
I have $20!

David P.
ten and a half years ago

Here in TX, I have been flying Southwest Airlines for more than 25 years, and take it for granted. Hilarious description of your newbie experience. They used to have all the female flight attendants wear hot pants.

ten and a half years ago

RE: The auction

Keisha and I are working on her grand auction story and should have it ready for public consumption before too long. HUGE thanks to Geo for making himself available and being such a classy guy throughout. HUUUGE.

reCaptcha says \"drew subs.\"

But honestly, who doesn\'t?

George Hrab
ten and a half years ago

Damn. Sorry- those drop outs are on my end. We will re-post a corrected version of 123 as soon as possible. (That slipped by me just as we were mixing..)

So sorry for that.

Nice catch K!

Again- sincerest apologies.


ten and a half years ago

Pffft, shhh, technology-smology, can happen to anyone and everyone. Still was a great listen (I thought it was just on my end that it went blip). Least you weren\'t in Saunders\' sodding fridge.

Peter Sosna
ten and a half years ago

For anyone who cares, my episode of the 365 Days Of Astronomy Podcast airs this Saturday.

ten and a half years ago

Re: Soutwest Airlines

Oh, you poor bastard. We Texassians take SWA\'s idiosyncrasies so much for granted that assigned seating seems bizarre.

Back to the \'cast....

reCaptcha = \"is loon\"

Yes. Yes I is.

ten and a half years ago

In case I didn\\\'t mention it, for future reference, you can check in up to 24 hours ahead of your flight on line. That can get you a much better position in line and more confusing seating options!

Susan B.
ten and a half years ago

My prediction: the \\\"influential person\\\" is Bill Prady of Big Bang Theory and Geo is going to be in an episode of the show. I could be completely off on this, but I wanted to put in on record.

ten and a half years ago

Anyone else get sound-drop-outs? Little silences? I just listened to the show again and there\\\'s an example at 46.14min. :/

Gah, that Bill Prady? Who doesn\\\'t like origami and said that women who hit on skeptics at a conference are probably more likely looking for \\\"some sort of financial transaction in the offing\\\"? Mind, I\\\'m less impressed by the presenter who apparently replaced a picture of Valentina Tereshkova (the first Russian female cosmonaut) with a picture of another woman because (I\\\'m paraphrasing) \\\"she was too difficult to look at.\\\"

More things change... :/

posty mcposterton
ten and a half years ago

I chuckled at the Criss Angel line in Horrorscopes... I will say, though, that (while a cheesy dresser), he is quite talented. And he\\\'s on the skeptic\\\'s side of things (unlike the uber-douchebag Uri Geller).

ten and a half years ago

The video for the TAM7 wedding is up -- at least three versions -- on YouTube:

Starts with Sid\\\'s question:

Starts with Rebecca\\\'s return to the stage:

ten and a half years ago

I was at the MDC, and it was kinda eerie, it was so quiet. By that point I was getting quite tired, so during each actual card-dowse I closed my eyes and relaxed -- watching her dangle her pendulum wasn\\\'t that entertaining -- and it was really, really easy to forget that I wasn\\\'t alone.

posty mcposterton
ten and a half years ago

Yay! Gotta love it when it shows up right before work; so it makes the morning sync. :)