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Aug 13, 2009

The Show Notes

Start Making Sense
Yes, kinda'
Even Numbers
Mingo Fishtrap
PFA and skyrockets
Odd Numbers
Religious Morons of the Week

- Kenneth Gladney
- Flying rabbis  from Sion Hughes, Seth Hanisek, Cian MacMahon
Even Numbers
Religious Morons of the Week (contd)   
- Kent Hovind
Lou Reed Revisited
Another Actual E-Mail
Odd Numbers
Cop talking about Katrina
Irrational Numbers
I got killed.
Atlanta with Ms. Info and Slau!
Show close


Mentioned in the show: Start Making Sense, band in the Lehigh Valley, on Facebook; Mingo Fishtrap; Henrique Couto on Facebook; Philadelphia Funk Authority; TAM London; Slau on twitter and Sessions With Slau; Geo's version of Psycho Killer at CD Baby and at iTunes.

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Ms. Information says 1] Mingo Fishtrap!; 2] Horsies! Look at the horsies! ... That really happened the way the Maestro reported; and 3] I can't wait to see you magnificent bastards at Dragon*Con.

Derek Smith
almost fifteen years ago

Yes, Geo, straw hat and blue tshirt, at the front with \\\"start making sense\\\" - you are glimpsable on YouTube.

Nice lady with the hula hoop, too.

J. D. Mack
almost fifteen years ago

George, as the ultra-anal YesFan that I am, I have to point out a mistake you made at the end of the program (because pointing out mistakes gives my life meaning and increases my chances at mating). You left out one official member of Yes from your single-breath list. You left out the primary bass player on the album \"Union.\" That\\\'s right - Tony Levin was technically a member of Yes. I know that there were a billion other session musicians on that album, but Tony was given bandmember status.

And I have to admit, I had the same thought as Dr. Dim regarding Kenny Gladney. He seems to believe in voluntary charity rather than forced charity. Of course, if the donations are less than he hopes for, and he turns to the government for assistance, *then* we can mock him.

Chris Sol
almost fifteen years ago

Geo, the numbers thing was genius. You really know how to put together a killer idea in such a professional way.

I really needed that today. I was laughing out loud with each new installment. It transformed my day from a 2 out of 10 to at least a 6. Thanks so much for all you do.


almost fifteen years ago

Sorry Geo, not everyone memorizes musical facts like baseballs stats. Sometimes we just like the music and have no clue who sang, played the drums, or opened the curtains. Might be why there are no baseball card things for musicians.

Re Captcha: diva Lemont

almost fifteen years ago

I saw Yes during the Big Generator tour. Good show. I like Drama too. I agree with you about Asia. Even with that killer lineup they never did it for me. Go figure.

David P.
almost fifteen years ago

Definitely listen to the Skeptic Zone interview of Geo. There\\\'s big news about how the new album will be released related to this podcast.

Dr. Dim
almost fifteen years ago

I\\\'m a little disappointed, Geo. Just how, exactly, is Kenny Gladney eligible to be one of this week\\\'s RELIGIOUS morons? I went back to listen to that portion of the podcast again to be sure, and I didn\\\'t hear how he could be considered a religious moron. A political moron, perhaps, but not religious.

Also, I think he is a man who sticks to his convictions. He doesn\\\'t have health insurance because of losing his job, so you assume the smart thing for him to do would be to jump on the gimme free health care bandwagon. Instead, he would rather appeal to others for charity to help with his health care costs, rather than relying on government force to extract the money from taxpayers.

I don\\\'t think he\\\'s a moron and you\\\'re assuming he\\\'s religious.

Oh, well. I love show!

dj empirical
almost fifteen years ago

what about imaginary numbers? just because there\'s an \"i\" in there doesn\'t mean they\'re not a part of \"us\".

reCaptcha: uighur Fleisch (how weird is that?)

almost fifteen years ago

Glad to hear you had fun with your murder scene. A friend of mine got to be a zombie in the big finale of the latest \\\"of the Dead\\\" movie, and got my partner & I in to see the sound mixing for the last 10 minutes. Great fun.

almost fifteen years ago

Check it out, guys: Geo is on this week\'s Skeptic Zone:

David P.
almost fifteen years ago

Penn Jillette posted on Twitter today that he and Lou Reed went together to see Les Paul in concert. Maybe Penn can explain Lou Reed\\\'s appeal.

Mingo Fishtrap passes through Dallas periodically. I have never seen them before. They will be playing here soon on Aug 27.

David P.
almost fifteen years ago

Oh, and forgot to mention that I\\\'ll be at Dragon*Con for the Skeptrack, and looking forward very much to meeting the Geologic Troika.

Anyone else going to be there?

almost fifteen years ago

@Icepick - Maybe I\'m just projecting my own chronic insecurity w/respect to Asia. Somewhere along the line I picked up the idea that to right-thinking people Asia was symbolic of everything that was wrong with popular music, and alas I was a wrong-thinking troglodyte.

Fortunately providence has delivered unto me my very own source of music therapy right here on the web. ;-P

In other news, I really dig the numbers bits. But it seems to me that the imaginary numbers have been overlooked in all the foofraw. And before you say that imaginary numbers don\'t really exist, ask yourself: where else does the national budget come from?

almost fifteen years ago

So because I had to I looked up Start Making Sense Musikfest on Youtube and found this. Yes you can be seen in some clips dancing like a maniac.

almost fifteen years ago

I would like to say that I am NOT the Greg who likes Lou Reed.

I AM the Greg who loved the Drama album and Asia\\\'s first album. We even played \\\"Heat of the moment\\\" in my band and we tried to play Tempus Fugit. We also played \\\"Roundabout\\\" and that guitar solo is a bear (I\\\'m the guitar player).

I\\\'ve been a fan of ELP since the Trilogy album, Yes since \\\"The Yes Album\\\" and King Crimson since \\\"Discipline\\\" (I was a late bloomer on that one) so liking Asia was pretty much a given. I saw the original lineup in Santa Monica when the first album came out.

Unfortunately, I\\\'ve only seen ELP (Palmer)live once and ELP (Powell)once and I\\\'ve never seen YES (So Sad).

But I totally do not get the whole Lou Reed thing.

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

almost fifteen years ago


You mean we\\\'re not supposed to like Asia? Nobody told me.

I\\\'m 45 for goodness-sake, how could I not dig a \\\"supergroup\\\" formed the year I graduated from High School.

Re-Captcha: 18 nougat (anytime you get to write,
or say, nougat its worth it)

almost fifteen years ago

I was there. I was VERY VERY Happy.

I wish I had a chance to tell Dale how wonderful he was. I felt very privileged to be able to thank most of the rest of the band and tell them how much I enjoyed the show.

We had great seats and NEVER USED THEM! We were up dancing and yelling and clapping and generally carrying on through the whole jammin\\\' concert.

You get near a PFA performance, you just go. In fact, I\\\'m thinking about marrying off my daughter so I can get PFA down here. I know there was a point during the concert she would have gone with it.

Even numbers... where does he get this stuff? Crazy genius.

Jeff Bennett
almost fifteen years ago

Loved the numbers campaign ads. Bravo. Also liked the \\\"Actual Email\\\" segment. I hope you get more crazy emails like that to share with us, it means you\\\'re getting heard.

I got to see Mingo Fishtrap when they came through Eugene, Oregon and thought they were fun. I\\\'m glad to hear that you enjoyed them as well, seeing as how you\\\'re a crusty curmudgeon like me. Did they play the Mullet song?


almost fifteen years ago

Asia....holy shit! Asia!

OK sure, they\'re no Yes. But for self-indulgent, pompous prog-pop (I figure if Yes is prog-rock, then Asia is prog-pop, although the album Phoenix swings back in the direction of prog-rock) they\'re hard to beat. \"Midnight Sun.\" \"Open Your Eyes.\" Mmm.

Just the fact that you even take the band seriously enough to have an opinion (though I shouldn\'t be surprised, what with all incestuous proggy band-member cross-pollination going on) gives me a massive and embarrassing woody.

Damn. Asia.

(I suspect that coming out as an Asiaist is more embarrassing than coming out as an Atheist. Maybe there should be a poll.)

PS - reCaptcha = \"Devoted corsair.\" Sounds like it would make a good romance novel: The Devoted Corsair. Stanley Manlove had blistering blue eyes and cutlass for each day of the week....

almost fifteen years ago

I thought that Geo, MsInformation, and Slau couldn\\\'t be in the same place at one time because that would rip the coolness-talent continuum.

And no, i\\\'ve never heard of Mingo Fishtrap, but I will keep an eye out for them here.