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May 9, 2007

The show notes:

Pencils Stink
Brought to you by Stoma Cigarettes
Little Olga's Entertainment Report

-Adam's Rib, Jolson Sings Again
-I Was a Male War Bride, Pinky
-Mitch Miller, Eddie Fisher
-The Goldbergs and Bozo the Clown on TV
Lance Handcock stops by
Mortimer Sends yet ANOTHER Telegram
Clover and Washington stop by
Science Minute
-EDSAC Computer
Religious Moron of the Week
-Pope Pius XII
Robert Humphries & Stan stop by
Rupert McClanahan's Indestructible Gentlemen
-Dr. A.W. Waite’s Father- and Mother-In-Law
Geo went skin diving
Peggy Taylor sings Cheek to Cheek
Show Close


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George Hrab
almost seventeen years ago

That\\\'s funny... I figured it\\\'s like an onion \\\'cause it makes you cry. MWAH HA HA HA...

and it STINKS! BA HA HA HA ...

and it enhances the flavor of SHALLOTS!!

um, wha?

Seriously, thanks P.G.

Can I call you P.G.?


over fifteen years ago

Jouer au Poker en ligne

P.G. Holyfield
almost seventeen years ago

Absolutely loved the \"In the Mood\" joke. Your podcast is like an onion... layers my friend--layers.