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Sep 24, 2009

The Show Notes

A lengthy interview with the one and only Slau
show close

Fun Activity:
During the Slau interview, count how many times Geo says “wow.”


Mentioned in the show + more information:

Thursday Sept 24
Geo playing drums with the Lisa Bodnar Band
Piano's Showroom
158 Ludlow Street, New York City

Geo’s London Event open for non-TAMers:
FRIDAY Oct. 2nd 5:30 - 7:00
The Camden Head
100 Camden High Street London NW1 0LU

Geo interviewed on:
Bollix! Science and Skepticism Podcast, Episode 10
Nonsense Podcast, Episode 10

Slau links:
Sessions with Slau
Slau's main site
The Weight of Words


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Ms. Information says: Yes, I'm the one who over-directs the walk. Especially the escalators. [sigh]

ten and a half years ago

Very interesting show. You can tell George and Slau have been friends for a long time. Both have picked up each other\\\'s vocal quirks.

ten and a half years ago

There\\\'s nothing wrong with you, Carriep. There seems to be all sorts of interesting things going on in the brains of Geo and Slau. It\\\'s like a freezing cold forest in the middle of the night when it\\\'s raining and there\\\'s wolves. A mesmerizing, terrifying and extremely interesting place.

ten and a half years ago

Hi jbrydle - it\\\'s not a video, it\\\'s a children\\\'s science show? They tour in Sydney and the official site\\\'s photos are at:

I do have a little bit of footage which I took of the SZ team doing the show at Dragon*Con, which you can find on my YouTube site at

ten and a half years ago

wow, now I want Slau to be my friend too. I was skeptical about an interview show, but when it was finished I really was wishing that it wasn\\\'t

ten and a half years ago

Wasn\'t the *first* time we\'ve heard you talk with Slau ... at least, not those of us who heard Slau\'s episode with you from the NAMM show.

Rob H
ten and a half years ago

I can\'t get into London in time to make the gig on the 2nd - will you be loitering in the pub afterwards?

Ed Ovett
ten and a half years ago

The interview with Slau was both interesting and enjoyable. Good show Geo!

ten and a half years ago

George mentioned a video of Richard Saunders and Dr. Rachie doing a \'skepticism for kids\' thing... anyone have a link to that? Thanks.

ten and a half years ago

Enjoyed that. Thanks.

ten and a half years ago

Oh - doesn\\\'t work? But if you head into the Internet Archive, you can see the liner notes and all the stories behind the songs, et al.*/

Dr. Dim
ten and a half years ago

I counted 12 wows. It was fun.

ten and a half years ago

Funny, he doesn\\\'t sound blind. :)

This was a really nice interview. Wouldn\\\'t we all learn so much, if we took this kind of time to talk to all our friends and family about their lives?

I enjoyed my brief opportunity speaking with Slau at Dragon*Con. He\\\'s such a mensch.

posty mcposterton
ten and a half years ago




ten and a half years ago

\\\'During the Slau interview, count how many times Geo says \\\"wow.\\\"\\\'
Much more fun to count how many times they giggle! :)