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May 16, 2007

The show notes:
Jerry Falwell Dead
Liberty University
High School Graduation
Eventually, We All Point at the Mirror
Science Minute

-wireless power
Fight at a Concert
Interesting Fauna
-Arctic Tern
MKA Concert
Kiss DVD in 5.1
Religious Moron of the Week
-Rev. Al Sharpton
Ask George 
-Henk Van Bruggen
Show Close


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almost sixteen years ago

Another Great one, George. I have to remember to send in an \"Ask George\" question soon.

But for now I\'ll settle for this: is my podcatcher faulty, or was this show put out in Mono, like the Retro show? My MP3 Player (And its accompanying program) doesn\'t like mono, so I had to haul it haul it out to Audacity, double it to make it basic stereo, and re-export.
Did something go wrong on my end, or did you intend it to be mono?

George Hrab
almost sixteen years ago

Shouldn\\\'t have been mono... Let me double check my settings. Sorry if that was a pain! (I usually DO record single mic lines in mono, but the final file should be a regular stereo MP3, albeit with matching channels. I\\\'ll make sure...)

Thanks for listening!

Anyone else have this problem?