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Dec 17, 2009

The Show Notes

The Sort-of Kind-of-ish Best-of The Geologic
Records Catalog Although Not Really.


“Blue Genes”  from Interrobang
“Roman”  from [sic]
“Trust Me”  from Minutiae
“Age of the Fern”  from [sic]
“Monkey Hip Dysplasia”  from Vitriol
“Incompetent”  from [sic]
“How Do You Do?”  from Coelacanth
“The Coelacanth Sighs”  from Coelacanth

“Disappointed”  from Interrobang
“This One’s For My Sister”  unreleased
“For This You Went To College?”  from Minutiae
“Who Dogs The Outlet”  from Interrobang

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Ms. Information says, "Roman had a traffic light."

Brian \\\"No E\\\" Mahony
over thirteen years ago


“The Coelacanth Sighs” IS THE FUCKING BALLS

André Goguen
over thirteen years ago

Thanks for this Geo!

Excellent show. I had never listened to “The Coelacanth Sighs” before. Kick-ass song. I must will make of purchase.

over thirteen years ago

\\\"For This You Went To College?\\\" has some serious drumming. Holy Crap!

I hear a serious amount of Zappa influence, and I\\\'m also hearing a lot of Tony Levin influenced bass playing. Then there\\\'s that funky slap bass. Very cool indeed.

OK, you just sold me more CDs. I only have Coelacanth and !? I need to complete my set.

over thirteen years ago

Thanks for this, Geo. Enjoyed listening! Now I have to save my $ so I can buy the collection. \\\'Tis the be broke!

Brian \"No E\" Mahony
over thirteen years ago

wtf are you saying in the background in Blue Genes during the wish curse groove rut part??

over thirteen years ago

\\\"For This You Went To College?\\\" is one of my absolute favorites!

over thirteen years ago

Brian \\\"No E\\\" Mahony - I was wondering if anyone else heard that too! :)

Brian \"No E\" Mahony
over thirteen years ago