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Dec 24, 2009

The Show Notes

The Christmas Edition

'Twas the Mortimer before Christmas
A ridiculously long story involving Christmas shopping
The George Hrab Christmas Album
Dear Santa...
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Ms. Information says, "Happy holidays to all you fabulous people! Love you heaps!"

fourteen and a half years ago


I hope the rest of your Christmas was awesome.

We had lots of great food and lots of great friends, lots of music with our guitars and mandolin, and even some Hawaiian slack key guitar with hula dancing (by a girl who studies real hula dancing and does it right).

It was so much fun we did it again the next night, and the next.

Oh, and it was revealed to us that if you take a sip of your drink before you make a toast you will be burdened with seven years of bad sex. I\\\'m a skeptic but why take the chance?


My Christmas was almost ruined by my stepdaughter\\\'s asshole soon to be ex-husband. He seemed to think that after having us drive out to his filthy pig sty of a double wide mobile home to pick him up (he has no car, no job, and is allergic to effort) and then taking him to a Christmas party so he wouldn\\\'t be alone in his filth on Christmas day, and then taking him home to our house so he would have a warm place to stay that night, that THIS would be a good time to tell me what an asshole I am (because I told him that if cleaned his house and perhaps got a job at some point in the past 3 years then maybe my daughter wouldn\\\'t have left him).

Yeah, he decided that yelling at the people who just fed him and treated him as an adult would be a good way of celebrating Christmas. So I kicked him out of the house on Christmas night and I couldn\\\'t be happier.

But even THAT wasn\\\'t enough to ruin an awesome Christmas. Getting together with great friends and family and eating great food and playing music with really good musicians and watching beautiful girls dance the hula is an awesome way to spend Christmas.

And not one person mentioned Jesus the whole night. I guess we atheist can celebrate and enjoy Christmas without God.

fourteen and a half years ago

Happy Belated Xmas & Happy Belated New Year, Geo. Thanks for another year of kick-ass podcasting.

Dan Toms
fourteen and a half years ago

I made a lousy comic documenting your tribulations:

Merry Xmas George & Co.

Brian \\\"No E\\\" Mahony
fourteen and a half years ago

I\\\'ve always thought that Convenient needed jingle bells.

in regards to your music store story:

wow...all i can hear echoing through my head, besides the shattering glass and the FUCK heard \\\'round the world, is,\\\"Wouldn\\\'t just be easier to hire a guy who knew what to do?\\\"

i hope your Christmas was as full of win as mine was

fourteen and a half years ago

Merry thingame and whatsit!

Geo and Slau at D*C - with Oreos:
If only people who sold musical instruments had as much enthusiasm. :)

fourteen and a half years ago

Oh - the \\\'mystery\\\' about where the \\\'Far\\\' music video was playing on television appears to have been solved via Twitter (re: episode at 2009 D*C) - - apparently it\\\'s Discovery Kids channel?
Yay for Reginald on the tree!! :D