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Jan 28, 2010

The Show Notes

Captivating True Stories from the Adventures of PFA

- "What Is Hip"

Show intro

Peter Gregson & "Small Comfort" 

Rupert McClanahan’s Indestructible Bastards

- Dan Woolley from Scott Gries

Thanks to William Woolston 

Religious Morons of the Week

- Russian Water Drinkers from Richard Pierce & Patrick Lawrence - Rabbi David Batzri from Arkle - Mukesh Kumar from Cian Mac Mahon

iPad vs. App-Tab

Happy Birthday, Kerry!

Listen to Sessions with Slau

Show close


Mentioned in the show and more information

Skype Rabbi link

Sessions with Slau

Philadelphia Funk Authority

Cellist and pioneer of contemporary music Peter Gregson on twitter on the net

Milton Mermikides on twitter on the net

Bridget Mermikides on twitter on the net

Real World Studios

Derek and Swoopy Skepticality

Skeptics Guide to the Universe

Carrie P on twitter

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Ms. Information says, "Happy birthday, kitten!" and "I wonder if I will EVER be able to get through Small Comfort now with Mr Gregson's brilliant cello contribution..." [sigh]

Lauren Cocilova
over fourteen years ago

Yeah, between my maiden name of \"Adasiak\" and married name of \"Cocilova,\" I\'ve \'enjoyed\' my share of misspelled and mispronounced names but \"Aptab\" is definitely unforgivably awesome.

But dangit, George, I hadn\'t planned on crying today and that damn (by \'damn\' I mean \'beautiful and poignant and right-on-mark) Oscar song gets me every damn time.

over fourteen years ago

Geo, Congrats on 150. fun show, loved hearing Philly Funk live. Someday im gonna get up that way to see yall. Eagerly awaiting the new album.

over fourteen years ago

Yes, salut on the 150th podcast of a series! Of a rather old podcasting series. Keep up the good works, Geo, and don\\\'t think that you don\\\'t deserve thanks, you are far more entertaining than MOST podcasts out there!

About misspelled names, I\\\'ve got one: When I went to Camp Zama in Japan, I found that I was named \\\"Edick Atss\\\", after I had told them over the phone - EE, AR, EYE, SEE...AYCH, EE, ESS, ESS

Something definitely got lost in the translation.

over fourteen years ago

BTW, thanks so much for the link to Slau. I\'ve just finished downloading all of his sessions for listening to and from the job sites...

over fourteen years ago

Happy 150! Clearly you\'re determined to break my heart with the new album\'s version of \"Small Comfort.\" Which reminds me of the movie _A Single Man_, which dwells longingly on the canine facet (among others) of grief and redemption.

Culture question: If I remember correctly, John Lee Hooker answered the question \"What is Hip?\" with \"This is hip.\" Was he right?

Ms. Information
over fourteen years ago


Hey, Hawk Eye- Thanks a bunch! The PFA link is now fixed.

Ms. Info

over fourteen years ago

Congrats on 150!

iPad name sniggers reminds me of Frank Zappa having a song censored – Lets make the water turn black – in which a waitress is described as having an apron and a PAD. Morons.

over fourteen years ago

Congratulations. I am so glad that you are still going strong at 150. Everyones favorite podcast.
Cello in the next disc? Yea!!!!!!!!!!!
They just keep getting better and better.

over fourteen years ago

Congrats on 150, Geo! May there be 150 more.

Recaptcha = \\\"decay carefully.\\\" Wise words, those.

Greg Dorais
over fourteen years ago

Congrats on your Sesquicentennial Geo! Excellent show as always! (The Mukesh Kumar RMOTW story made me a bit queasy.)

\\\"What Is Hip\\\" kicked mega posterior! Which begs the question, when is PFA gonna release an album?

Ms. Information: The PFA link in the show notes is broken (\\\"HTTP Error 404\\\" from libsyn) :(

over fourteen years ago

Congratulations on the big 150!! BTW, Andy\\\'s horn sounded amazing on \\\"What is Hip\\\", awesome.

Dr. Dim
over fourteen years ago

Geo, when you commit to a bit. You commit to a bit.