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Feb 4, 2010


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Thanks everyone... Best one yet!

Vibraphone: The Musical

Narrated by Richard Saunders
“Relics” – Rob Hinkley
“Some say…” Keisha & Marvin
“Stalking” – Carmen D'Cruz
“Ms Information” – Ice-nine (formerly The New Icepicks, formerly Bruce Press and The Icepicks, formerly Icepick and the Icetray, formerly The Icepick Family Singers) ie Bruce, Julie, Ben, & Allie Press
“A Bad Impersonation of William Shatner performing a George Hrab song” – Arkle
“12 Days of Geologic Christmas” – Brian “No E” Mahony
“The Tell-Tale Podcast” – Damian Handzy
"A One Act Play" – Stephen Whelan and Matthew Champion
“An e-mail from Australia” – Kylie Sturgess aka Podblack
“Trebuchet AU” – The Schenectady-Sydney Trebuchet Consortium
“Theo” – Michael Fridman and Mat Jones
“An Anniversary Toast” – Bill “Reggie” Kaplan   Show close

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Overseen and constructurized by: Carrie P
Vibraphone: The Musical theme by: Milton Mermikides
Cover art by: Brian "No E" Mahony

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Ms. Information says, "Best Fancast anywhere evah! You kids are extraordinary!"


fourteen and a half years ago


Oh man. I almost lost it big time.

Chris Sol
fourteen and a half years ago

Well, everyone involved, that was amazing! In true Holy Grail style, a series of vaguely interconnected bits loosely interwoven into a consistent theme (Vibraphone - The Musical: sheer genius!). The Stalker song, together with the Icepicks\' \"Ms Info\" song, were highlights that had me literally laughing out loud (and I mean literally as in literally, not literally as in figuratively).

So gives yourselves a big pat on the back. It really was taken to another level this year. Excellent!

fourteen and a half years ago

Holy shit guys, that was outstanding.

fourteen and a half years ago

Just listened to the Fancast. Awesome work everyone, great work. I think The Theologic Podcast should become a regular part of Geologic!

Greg Dorais
fourteen and a half years ago

\" ... The podcast had sharpened my senses! ... \"


fourteen and a half years ago

@JHGRedekop - Some say that if Geo *were* the Stig, he\'d be terrified by Australians; and, that he\'d leave skid marks in other people\'s lederhosen.

All we know is, CarrieP deserves a huge round of applause for putting this thing together!

fourteen and a half years ago

Happy anniversary, Geo! Hope you enjoyed it.

posty mcposterton
fourteen and a half years ago

Great show, guys!


fourteen and a half years ago

I agree with the comment about Milton\\\'s song - it\\\'s so Geologic-y! :)

fourteen and a half years ago

Wait... Does this mean that Geo is The Stig?

I\\\'m not sure if that explains anything or not.

Fan downunder
fourteen and a half years ago

Fantastic show, So Awesome!! Top notch work by all. Big thanks to everyone for this delicious slice of thought provoking time.

matthew T. champion
fourteen and a half years ago

Who are you calling slacker? Surely not I of the Public Library Computer. now Stephen is another story... ... ...

Rob Hinkley
fourteen and a half years ago

LOL at \"stalking\" song and podblack\'s letter about Oz\'s wide variety of interesting fauna.

Peter Sosna
fourteen and a half years ago

I am very disappointed that I was not invited to participate this year.