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Feb 12, 2010


The Show Notes

Rupert calls in
Funeral explanation
Groundhogs and Church
A Trip to Confession
Daniel Loxton’s amazing book
Temple Grandin movie
Ask George 
   - Sticky Songs?  from Alex Murdoch
   - Successful Songs?  from Octavio Valdés
   - Decent Sound?  from Will Price
   - Friendly Skeptics?  from Jeff Sykes
   - Acupuncture for Dad?  from Benjamin Wilson
   - Religious Work?  from Sean from Milwaukee
   - Geo cover band?  from Andrew Gould
   - Leaving comments?  from Dwight Dunlop
   - Letter for a 9 year old?  from Wilson Fernando Torres Riveros
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Daniel Loxton's book "Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came To Be"

Daniel Loxton at Junior Skeptic

Temple Grandin movie at HBO

Temple Grandin bio at Wikipedia

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Bridget Mermikides on twitter on the net


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Ms. Information says, "Claire Danes cannot possibly look less than stellar... but it's great to see her in a masterfully-written role that brought out her best."

Lauren Cocilova
over fourteen years ago

I thought Phil Plait too obvious, I was thinking it was his close personal friend, TV\'s Adam Savage. Oh well...

FYI, Black Sabbath\'s \"Iron Man\" is really good for getting songs unstuck from within one\'s brains. Maybe that only works for me, though...

over fourteen years ago

Oh their god, your new skit was funny! Thanks for that.

fourteen and a half years ago

I second the recommendation of the Temple Grandin movie. I watched it over the weekend (before listening to Geo\\\'s podcast). Never once in the movie did I feel sorry for Temple because of her condition. On the contrary it showed how determination allowed her to illustrate that her condition didn\\\'t make her less then anyone, but unique in her thinking. If you\\\'re looking for a good movie about someone who doesn\\\'t wally in self pity due to her condition, rather focuses on it\\\'s strengths to achieve great things, then this is a must see.

fourteen and a half years ago

Thanks for answering my question Geo. I have to say, the religious nature of the film was only part of turning it down. I think what really outweighed the benefits of doing it was that it was like a cheesy christian afterschool special. I might have taken the job for a better film. I did recently do a country studio gig and I hate country (I\'m a prog fan).

Chris Sol
fourteen and a half years ago

Having just finished listening to an hour of The BA on Skepticality, I thought it just had to be Phil Plait ... but then I couldn\'t work out whether it be Phil because I thought it sounded like Phil, or because I\'d just been listening to him all that time. So really, I admit, I got it right but had no idea %^) (Oh, and also I am a week late for the prize anyway.)

I agree, an awesome show.

Can\'t wait for Trebuchet!

fourteen and a half years ago

Someone stole my trashcan last week because it had been left out one day. Or at least I think that\\\'s what happened. Does this happen frequently to people? was it you George?

fourteen and a half years ago

You know, I didn\'t even need to listen to the message. The second Geo said someone left him a message and I should know who it is I knew the answer would be Phil Plait before I even heard his voice. Phil is such an attention whore it just made sense... of course, I always listen to the podcast at work the Monday after it\'s posted so I missed my chance at the prize. Balls.



fourteen and a half years ago

This is easily one of the best episodes I\'ve ever heard. I found it riveting from start to finish. Skit was brilliant. Ask George was nothing less than profound. Pure Geologic awesomeness.

David P.
fourteen and a half years ago

Dang. I listened to the podcast and immediately ran to the computer to guess Phil Plait. I should have listened when I first synced it to my iPod this morning. So which prize option did SkepticaLurv pick?

fourteen and a half years ago

@David P
Had to go with a signed copy of Trebuchet! I\\\'d rather be able to listen to the album as a whole than getting one song and having to wait for the rest. If you pick a song then there\\\'s the problem of which song to go with and that was just too tough of a decision to make.

fourteen and a half years ago

Another lovely show. Superlative \"Ask George\" this time around.

fourteen and a half years ago

Damn. I guessed it right away, but didn\\\'t get a chance to listen until now. :(


fourteen and a half years ago

Dang! foiled again, I also recognized him...well, next time I\\\'ll get it

Dave Nandes
fourteen and a half years ago


fourteen and a half years ago

Thanks for answering my question! actually it was way more enlightening that I expected.

fourteen and a half years ago

DING DING DING. SkepticaLurv nails it first try. Nicely done.

E Mail me and let me know what you\\\'d like prize wise...

So close Brian!

Thanks for playing.


fourteen and a half years ago

Is it Phil Plait?