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Feb 25, 2010

The Show Notes

Two horrible, horrible movies; one cool, cool movie
Happy Birthday, Mom!
Liberty Hotel
Trebuchet is... done.
Religious Moron(s) of the Week
     - Arthur Mijares  from Dan T.
     - Eric Christensen  from Me
     - Saudi Matchmaker  from Richard Lane
     - Joe Colquitt  from Evil Eye
     - Sibongile Mthiyo  from Andrew Freeborn
     - Father Richard Abourjaily  from Gerry Orkin
     - Stun Gun Guy  from Peter Sosna
     - Liberty University  from Jared Congiardo
     - Steven L. Anderson  also from Jared C.
     - Martin Ssempa  from David Barwick
It was Phil Plait’s voice
Rupert McClannahan’s Indestructible Bastards
     - Paddy Trumbull (thanks to Myk Dowling)
Ask George 
     - Struggling with this whole God, no-God thing?  from Jason Meister
Twitter Concerto Music available soonish
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Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?

The Best Optical Illusion in the World

The Liberty Hotel

Dr. Phil Plait


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Ms. Information says, "Mno haya lita, Mrs. H.!"

almost fourteen years ago

Really enjoyed the "dance instructor/stun gun" moment (I expected SNL's "Land Shark" to show up).

Loved the "making your own luck" email inspired discussion.

over fourteen years ago

@jaranath: Yeah, I guess you\'re right. I haven\'t been listening during the entire process, but I have listened to all of the subsequent Podcasts in which Geo talks about the album. Maybe it\'s my recent exposure to all of the statements of, \"It\'ll be out soon\" that have made me even more anxious.

@Ms. Info: I got a response from Ms. Info. I am awesome! If you ever need another minion, my grape peeling abilities are second to none!

over fourteen years ago

Pah! Clearly I am the best minion for the job! I have been peeling grapes since before I could read! The job is mine!

You\\\'d best concede defeat now, Ben. I\\\'ve been informed that in accordance with Geologic Records\\\' traditional principles of free enterprise and healthy competition, the management have asked the two of us to fight to the death for it.

Now you may think that this is very harsh behavior, but let me tell you that the management\\\'s consultants actually queried the necessity for them to employ a grape peeler at all!

over fourteen years ago

You think you\'ve got skills, jaranath (if that is your real name)? YOU\'VE GOT NOTHIN!

Cue the pon farr music!

P.S. reCAPTCHA gave me \"Costanza adidas\" to test my humanity. Makes me wonder what scheme Frank could have come up with involving cross-trainers.

over fourteen years ago


Was hoping you could help me understand the Shutter Island thing. As far as I can tell, my friend and I are the only two people on the planet who didn\\\'t like it.

That\\\'s not to say anything about the actors or even the director. It was shot well, and the acting was just fine. It was the story that gave me problems.

Warning to those who haven\\\'t seen it, the below may spoil part of the movie for you.

First, I guessed the twist from the trailer. When he talks about there being a 67th patient on the island, they showed a clip of that in the trailer, and it was just too obvious for me. So perhaps I\\\'m a little too aware of how they like to structure these things. I figured out the twist in greater detail in the scene where he confronts the fake Rachel in the asylum, and she acts like he\\\'s her husband. I whispered my theory about the remainder of the movie there, and I was pretty much borne out.

So it\\\'s possible that I\\\'m too jaded, or just an ass, and felt entitled to be... let\\\'s say \\\"unimpressed\\\" with the rest of the movie, and its climax. So this may very well be post-hoc rationalization convincing myself that I\\\'m not just being an asshole, and that it really was the movie\\\'s fault that I didn\\\'t like it.

That said, the actual twist itself felt like a cop-out to me. Afterwards, I tried to analyze why, and I think I was able to articulate a couple points on that.

1) Your twist shouldn\\\'t invalidate the story we\\\'ve seen so far. The twist in Shutter Island is dangerously close to \\\"... and it was all a dream.\\\" There are entire scenes that they spent time showing us that have no apparent meaning or importance once the twist is revealed. The confrontation with the \\\"real\\\" Rachel in the cave, for instance, sheds some light on this conspiracy that all ends up being a red herring. Well, why did we spend 10 minutes in there? Movies with successful twists don\\\'t invalidate previous scenes - they just give you a different perspective on

over fourteen years ago


In Rod we trust.

Also, how long does the designing process take for your albums? I don\\\'t really know what the process entails, so sorry if this is a dumb question. I just really want it now!

over fourteen years ago

I sympathize, Ben. Yet at the same time I don\\\'t wanna rush it, ya know? Geo\\\'s been wearing his musical heart on his sleeve throughout the album\\\'s production, sharing his excitement with us at each step. I don\\\'t know what\\\'s \\\"normal\\\" in the music biz, but it\\\'s given me an insight I hadn\\\'t had before. It\\\'s cliche, but I\\\'m really impressed by the amount of love Geo has poured into this thing. It really has been (again cliche) lovingly handcrafted. I\\\'m not used to having a sense of what goes into that, of the artist\\\'s pride in his creation and excitement over sharing it. Oooh kids, indeed.

All of which is to say I\\\'m happy to wait (fidgeting, but waiting) for that process to finish. Even if I end up disliking the result (yeah, right), it\\\'s been worth it to watch this thing bake.

That said, I hope the oven dings soon!

Ms. Information
over fourteen years ago


The design process is an arduous task and invariably must begin with my minions peeling me grapes and fanning me until I feel ready to approach the layout...

Ms. Info

over fourteen years ago

Perhaps this has been discussed earlier and I\\\'ve missed it, but on the subject of making CDs: I\\\'ve been trying to get a copy of Coelacanth from CD Baby for several months... Will there be more copies?

George Hrab
over fourteen years ago


We\\\'re in the process of re-printing. New Coelacanths will be there VERY soon. Sorry for the delay!


over fourteen years ago


You are teh awesome. Thanks! I was afraid there might be some reason we wouldn\\\'t see more remotely soon (I dunno what, but I know squat about making music, let alone awesomely-packaged copies of it).

Thanks again, and I wish you much chocolate.

over fourteen years ago

Happy Birthday Geo\\\'s MOM. many happy returns.
Geo, a most excellent show. I must call you a tease though. just not right to preview us like that lol. eagerly awaiting the moment we can purchase it.

No E
over fourteen years ago


I haven\\\'t laughed that hard listening to the show in a L O N G time....that tazering dance instructor had me in tears

and that Ask George could\\\'nt have come at a better time for me BOOST


oh and check out the website i\\\'ve linked to...totally relevant to the Geologic Universe ;D

Steve Andrew
over fourteen years ago

Happy birthday, Geo\\\'s Mum!

I don\\\'t know about the rest of you, but I always think some of the best moments in a podcast are when Geo will say something offhand or unscripted that elicits a little giggle from Ms Info. It\\\'s like the little sprinkle of chocolate on the icing of the podcast cake.

Really looking forward to Trebuchet, the little samples you\\\'ve been teasing out sound fantastic. On a related note - I live near Warwick Castle in England and they\\\'ve got the most magnificent replica trebuchet set up in the grounds of the castle. Every week they crank it back and fire off a huge ball of flame across the river. This beast\\\'s massive - the counterweight\\\'s the size of a car!

over fourteen years ago

Just scanning the table of contents... OMG, Trebuchet is done!