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Mar 11, 2010

Twitter Concerto #1 (Sans Tweets)

The music-only version of the Twitter Concerto from episode 137

George Hrab
over thirteen years ago


This was specially done just for the show. This is the only place it exists. It\\\'s original purpose was to be background for a bunch of my one liners. Some folks wanted to hear just the music, so I put it up here. Glad you dig it!

(I dug Victor too...)


over thirteen years ago

The coolest error occurred while I was grooving to this song. My browser crashed but before it did, the song got stuck in a loop. The loop happened to be exactly a beat long and began at the start of a measure. It sounded like an intentional shift in the song! Before I realized what was actually happening, I thought, \\\"Wow, this section has a distinct electronic vibe that I didn\\\'t think matched Geo\\\'s usual style. I like it!\\\" :)

Anyway, this song is amazing - with or without unintentional looping. Great job and thanks for posting it.

over thirteen years ago

Fantastic! Is this on one of your cds?
Something about it reminds me of the track \\\"Mr. X\\\" on Alex Lifeson\\\'s solo project Victor. I think it might be the overall groove at the beginning of the piece.
Thanks for posting this!