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Mar 17, 2010

The Show Notes

Captivating True Stories from the Adventures of PFA
  - Best Bouncer Ever
Steve's Birthday
CD Baby is back in stock
R&R Hall of Fame
Horror Scopes
Trololo Guy
Religious Moron of the Week
  - Bob Marshall from Richard Drumm
Daylight Savings Time
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Mentioned in the Show

Trololo Guy On the page: • Original video • The Trolololo Guy Needs Your Help (video) • Trololol Guy Watches Parodies Of Himself (video) • Christoph Waltz Sings, Humps In Kimmel Sketch (video)

Philadelphia Funk Authority

Bill Hicks

Road House The movie The best quotes

Kylie Sturgess PodBlack Cat: Science, Superstitions and Skeptical Life

Global Atheist Convention | Melbourne


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Ms. Information says, "Dalton rules!"

over thirteen years ago

Mmm, bouncers. Swayzerrific!

And now for something completely different. I just discovered this, and although it\'s a couple of years old I\'d feel remiss if I didn\'t share it: Prog Rock Brittania:

or for those of us not living in the UK

over thirteen years ago

I have to say that \"Captivating True Stories from the Adventures of PFA\" has to be one of my favorite, uh, segments. Great episode, as always.

over thirteen years ago

I love biking into work with a Geologic Podcast to listen to.