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Apr 9, 2010

The Show Notes

Twitter contest
Trebuchet into podcast feeds
PFA & pond scum
Interesting Fauna
     - Oxygen Free Loriciferan from Lana Harvey
May 6th: Triologic show / Three of a Perfect Frame
Mortimer calls in again while calling in again. Again.
Religious Moron of the Week
     - New York Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan
Ask George
     - Liking a song? from Ryan Johnson
- Pranic Healing? from Jeff Wilson
     - Practicing? from Greg Brouelette
Happy Birthday
Show close


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Ms. Information says, "My hashtag reads: #yikes!"

over fourteen years ago

I don\\\'t do twitter... May 13th is my guess.

over fourteen years ago

Carriep: Exactly! I thought that too.

\"the news is the news, but the dance goes on forever...\"

Though this might be my favorite line:

\"A circle forms, everybody comes \'round, just to hear the incredible sound, of a genius smashing expectation...\"

over fourteen years ago

In Timothy Dolan\\\'s defense, he was archbishop here in Wisconsin, and we actually dress like that all the time

over fourteen years ago

Oh man! My question made it into \\\"Ask George\\\" but my company\\\'s internet nanny is blocking the iTunes download. I\\\'ll have to wait until I get home from work to hear it.

I should add some that my favorite practice techniques/tricks are:

Looping: Not with a delay pedal, with my fingers. I find a spot that\\\'s tough and simply loop it by playing that measure or measures over and over.

2 techniques I learned from mandolin master Evan Marshall:

ROS : Repeating overlapping sections. It\\\'s like looping but you loop measures 1 to 3. Then 2 to 4. Then 3 to 5 and so on. This way you not only learn the hard parts but you learn how to get into and out of the hard parts. It also teaches you to start anywhere in the piece. This is useful because if you make a mistake while playing live you can continue playing because you have literally practiced starting the song at every measure.

IPGEC: Great concept, terrible acronym.

Identify Problem, Gradually Expand Context.

Let\\\'s say you\\\'re practicing \\\"Take the A Train\\\"on guitar and the last run in the melody is messing you up.

Identify Problem: You discover that the problem is that you have to play a down stroke on the D string, and up stroke on the B string and another down stroke back on the D string.

Gradually Expand Context: Create an exercise that is the minimal exercise that will simulate the problem. In this case it\\\'s just playing down stroke on the D string, upstroke on the B string and repeat. No scales, no melody, just G and B notes. The gradually build up slightly more difficult exercises and practice each of them until you can play it perfectly. You gradually expand these exercises until the final exercise is the phrase you were originally trying to play.

Identify Problem, Gradually Expand Context. It\\\'s helped me learn some really interesting techniques.

Thanks George. I can\\\'t wait to hear the podcast later tonight when I get home.