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Apr 29, 2010

The Show Notes

Ben Stein’s package
Sorry about the feed issues
Song of the Year contest judges
Geo’s Mom Reads Jay Z Lyrics
     - La, La, La (Excuse Me Again) from The Blueprint 3
     - plus Geo’s Mom quickfire questions
Ask George 
     - Head shaved? from Josh M.
     - The nothing? from David Polák
     - Churches on maps? from Scott
     - Non “out” atheist? from George A.
     - Pluto a planet again? from Clayton
Gig May 6th in Bethlehem
Hopefully comments are working
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Ms. Information says, "The last time I held my breath so long, I was the designated struggling victim for a junior lifesaving class. Thanks, LibSyn. I now have a personal best."

over fourteen years ago

Thanks Carrie!

The Nothing nearly gives me an anxiety attack every time it crosses my mind, so I just try not to think about it.

over fourteen years ago

Regarding the Churches on maps? from Scott

Normally I'd be all for the subversive elimiation of churches, but since churches are often used for polling places there actually is a secular use for having them on a map. How else will the atheist voter be able to find the church?

Aiden B
over fourteen years ago

In reference to David Polák's question, I worry about The Nothing as well, though only about once every other month or so. It actually bothers me a great deal, which is part of why I became interested in H+ (transhumanism) as a means to potentially not die.

Also, I don't know why, but I keep expecting to hear Geo's mom say "geshpooka". I have no idea what that means and Google doesn't return any results on it or even alternate spellings. I think I may have heard it as a Yiddish term or something like that.

Geo, please ask your mother to say "geshpooka" on a future show. Thanks.

Anders K
over fourteen years ago

As a side note to Kristin C comments, Rhubarb in Swedish is also almost exactly as in Ukrainian. Same rolling R´s but with an ER at the end:


It grows like crazy on our backyard, here above the artic circle.

Kristin C.
over fourteen years ago

Rhubarb in Norwegian is almost exactly as in Ukrainian, only you switch the two last letters!


Also, had to press the pause button on my ipod _again_ today, I couldn't stop laughing and people were looking at me in a funny way. Fury snore. Damn you!

Tom E
over fourteen years ago

Your mom sounds different, are sure you weren't doing a 'bit' before?

over fourteen years ago

Isn't your mom great? :)

Waxing philosophical on the questions ...

In answer to David's question, I agree with George. I think you have the answer's you have at the time. If they aren't working for you, you attempt to find better answers and better ways to live in a fulfilling and meaningful way. It is definitely a process and not one that you need to have all figured out by a particular point in your life.

I really feel for George A. The more I'm involved with the skeptic and atheist movements (I separated them to be non-controversial, but now realize that's controversial as well) the more I come in contact with people who either lead multiple different existences or don't fit well into the existence they have. It saddens me since I think that the ultimate goal is to lead one life that is consistent in intent and action. To try and do that without the support of the people you care about must be really, really difficult.

Maybe it's a problem endemic to our social constructs like marriage, or in how we approach those constructs and our expectations. Maybe it has a lot to do with luck.

Wax off.

See ya!

over fourteen years ago

I think Geo knows it's "Expelled". He's just being Geo. I gotta agree about the Stein blurb, but I'll bet the moment they decided to do it, they also said "and hey, if anybody calls us on it, we'll just say it was self-deprecatory humor; after all, we ARE the poor oppressed little guy who can't get any honest reviews for fear of the Big Evilutionist Atheist Conspiracy's crack ninja squad."

What's up with the "beeeeeee..."?

over fourteen years ago

I think it's Expelled, not Exposed. Absolutely RIDICULOUS that he 4-starred his own movie, though. Ben Stein - what a moron!!

Brian "No E"
over fourteen years ago

i thought it was expelled....hmmmm

PLUS: here's some interesting fauna: The Mexican Mole Lizard(sounds like the subtitle to a Harry Potter book) --->

i atually have every episode EVERY episode (sans videos) from 1-112 on one Ipod and EVERY other episode (again, sans video) on my new Ipod....obsessive? meh...probably...

hmmm....i thought Patsy Cline wrote

ooooh new Geo's Mom audio setup? it sounds so good now!

I wouldn't have pegged your mom as a stallone fan...hmm..